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"Slutterhouse's Scandalous Electropop"

The noirish, glittering tracks on their 2009 debut album Made in Dance are a study in cooled-out yet club friendly electropop executed with convincing rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Made in Dance exhibits a mastery of the mid-tempo that makes it really versatile. You can listen to “Drummer Girl” while getting ready, relax at the after party to “Her Face,” and dance all night to their epic calling card “Inside the Station.” - MTV

"Past, Present, Future: Slutterhouse"

"One thing remains constant: the quality of the music. Slutterhouse has found a happy medium between meaningful electronica and floor-filling house and uses it to it’s full potential." -

"Slutterhouse - Made in Dance"

"It's so much better than Justice and Daft Punk combined." -


“[...] one of the finest electro-pop albums this critic has heard since Gary Numan first donned eye shadow.”

- Time Out Beirut

"Lambs to the Slutter"

“[...]More importantly, perhaps, they can’t ever sound like anything else because there’s little chance a band has ever been formed by such polar opposites. There was no studious design to this sound and, unlike the vast majority of new bands, certainly no conscious imitation of a shared musical obsession. In fact, Slutterhouse is the sound of LA cock-rock and knob-twiddling techno meeting in a head-on collision that leaves only two survivors – who then bond over the rhythmic bleeps of their respective life-support cardiographs.[...]” - NOX Mag

"Album Review"

“This is a supremely confident debut from Lebanese duo Slutterhouse. [...] ‘Made in Dance ‘ effectively straddles the line between post-club house and chart-grabbing hooks.” - Time Out Beirut

"Welcome to Slutterhouse"

“The set was largely well received, with a number of audience-members even hauling themselves onto tables to strut their stuff.” - Daily Star


"[...]Strong and Sexy sound with lascive lyrics. One of the most emergent stars of the french electro-rock scene."
- HOVI Fest


- Made in Dance (album)
- Inside the Station remix EP (single)
- Another Lie (Album)



Slutterhouse could be described as an outlandish crossover between underground electronica, mainstream club music, and pop/rock. Most importantly though, Slutterhouse’s sound is the result of an alliance/tension between two very different personalities: Rabih Mick Salloum and Nabil Saliba.

Originally from Beirut and based in Paris, Slutterhouse released their debut album Made in Dance in the Middle East last fall; it was described by Time Out Magazine as “one of the finest electro-pop albums this critic has heard since Gary Numan first donned eye-shadow.” Slutterhouse’s debut record received both critical and public acclaim, while the band was featured in prestigious magazines such as ELLE and The Daily Star, and even made the cover of the February 2010 issue of Lifestyle Magazine.

The duo delivers intense dance floor songs, merging Rabih’s catchy pop/rock voice and melodies with Nabil’s space-themed retro electro world. Their sound was compared to acts like Depeche Mode, Cut Copy, Empire of the Sun, Crystal Castles, MGMT, and Aphex Twin.

After touring clubs in the Middle East and sharing the stage with bands like Dan Black, We Have Band, and Super Furry Animals at the Dubai Sound City festival, Slutterhouse has just released their debut single EP Inside the Station remix EP (“Adrenaline-pumping track” – Skin Magazine) in digital stores worldwide. The international buzz has already got going and the band has kicked spring off with gigs in London, the major Liverpool Sound City festival in May, and opening for Keziah Jones in June. Slutterhouse has also been selected as Artist of the Week on numerous blogs such as Indie Music Universe, I Am Entertainment, NRG Theory Management, Release Music Magazine, TwoGroove, and Premonition.

In July 2011, Slutterhouse was voted Artist of the Week on MTV Iggy.

Slutterhouse has also been featured on ReverbNation's front page for a week, and was selected by car brand MINI to represent the brand during its Middle Eastern launch festivals all around the Middle East and North Africa.

Slutterhouse just finished recorded their second album Another Lie and is now ready to go back on the road.