From the artsy yet decadent depths of downtown Phoenix comes SLUTTYPUTTY!!!! Often described as Garage Noir w/ a penchant for lynchian tendencies. Also, known as the violators of the downtown Phoenix noise ordinance.


we are 4 very different people with 4 very different musical backgrounds. Somehow we have managed to stay together as long as we have because we are so different. We make music for the love of it, if we didn't we would probably go loopy from the drama and stuff that goes with this crazy business. We have been on the road once or twice and survived. we also have opened for such National acts as Agent Orange, Friends of Dennis Wilson, Lust, Kill the Hippies, Shark Pants, and local favs The Love Me Nots.


we currently have a 7 song demo available
and are in the studio working on more recordings

Set List

our set list varies on the show and how we are feeling that particular night, Our usual set runs from 40 - 60 mins. We currently have about 20 songs in our repertoire including 2 covers.