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sly business

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Sly Business is an energetic group of talented musicians that have an original catchy sound. The band is influenced by jazz,funk,rock and early 90's hip hop. They mix elements of these genres to create a live show that inevitably gets the dance floor jumping. There groovy sound completes any party.


SLY BUSINESS is a funky, live hip hop band based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. A groovy blend of funk, soul, hip-hop, and jazz with a rockin’ live show. It all began when front man Mark Ejack moved to Vancouver Island for the summer of 2009 and wrote a handful of new music. Mark returned in the fall and began collaborating with various musicians in Saskatoon. Everyone that contributed to the album added an original element. Together, they took the funky hip-hop songs Mark wrote and crafted something fresh. Sly Business came out strong at their debut showcase on New Years Eve, giving 2010 something new to vibe with. Mark began working with engineer/producer Silviu Moldovan and recorded the debut Sly Business album entitled “1976” at P.M. recording studio. Brian “Big Bass” Gardner at Bernie Grundman studios in Hollywood, California mastered the album in February 2010. Sly Business embarked on a successful Western Canadian tour in the summer, and is hitting the road again this spring. Through continually performing live, Sly Business has developed quite an original sound, consequently gaining a supportive fan base across Canada.


Sly Business's debut album:


-Recorded in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada @ P.M Studios, and Mastered @ Bernie Grundman Studios in Hollywood, California by world renowned mastering engineer Brian "big bass' Gardner.

-The album was released in July, 2010

Sly Business is currently back in the studio collaborating with several jazz artists, making a fresh hip hop album played with live instruments and strongly influenced by jazz.