Slyde takes rock music, adds an incredible female vocal, and backs it up with solid musicianship. Using a simple philosophy: “write good songs and perform them well”, Slyde has built a reputation as one of New Brunswick’s top live acts.


Slyde is a 5 piece rock outfit from Fredericton New Brunswick. Since their formation in the spring of ’99 they’ve been committed to writing good songs and delivering hard hitting performances. In a nutshell the band can be summed up as old rock attitude, fresh rock sound.

Although they’ve garnered much acclamation for their studio releases, Slyde’s greatest strengths lie squarely in their killer live performance. The band has shared the stage with some of Canada’s finest acts (April Wine, Crush, The Joel Plaskett Emergency, et al.), and their high energy shows rarely disapoint. The band’s philosophy of performing is simple: play hard, and have fun.

While Slyde has already enjoyed some positive exposure with previous efforts, they’re looking forward into 2007/2008 with great anticipation. After some time off for reflection and a lineup change, the band is ready to hit the road hard in support of Dark Room. With a fresh perspective on music, a growing arsenal of original material, and a renewed dedication to themselves and their fans, Slyde is counting on an exciting and musically fulfilling 2007.


The Kind

Written By: Gaudreau

Are you the kind of friend,
Who tells a secret you were told to hide?
How should we begin,
To understand the lies in which we live?
Are you the kind of soul,
Who does not feel remorse or feel the shame?
Tell me why again,
Are we comfortable being in our skin?

So now, now we compromise and help ourselves along...
Now, we need to realize before we're gone
Time will let you down until it is too late, oh no

Are you the kind of guy
Who never seems to understand?
Are you the kind of girl
Who never wants to feel the rain?


So we wait and wait and wait for so long
For the day that we become what we would hope
So we wait and wait and wait to be strong
For the day that we believe to be wrong



Written By: Gaudreau

I'll waste away,
Into my space and my own time
Where I am safe,
Where I will play where I will find

I will be there I will belong,
Somewhere I want to be
I will be there I will be home,
When it feels right to breathe
I will be here

I want to be,
Where I am strong where I can see
And where I stand,
I will remain I will be me


Where I will feel, I lay my thoughts
Where I will heal...


Come Again

Written By: Gaudreau

I know why you are here
I know what you came for
I'll just be a minute, and then
We can go

I'd wait for you
If you want me to
I'll do it eventually
You need me to be
Around you to see (You want me to see)
You can make it happen for me

Are you willing to?
Tell me what you need
Are you good enough?
To please me


I know why you are here
I know what you came for
You will come again
I know why you are here
I know what you came for
I will come with you



Dark Room ©2007 Slyde
-Come Again *
-I Plead
-The Kind *
-You're Welcome
-My Deception
-Rain Dance
-August Song
-Not So Blind
-See You (bonus track)

impartial (sampler/demo) ©2005 Slyde
-Come Again
-The Kind

Let It Go (single) ©2003 Slyde
-Let It Go *
-Nothing (Radio Remix) *
-Ready To Explode (live)
-Paradise City (live)

Freddy's Rock Pile Presents:
HorseShoes & HandGrenades
(compliation) ©2003
Slyde contribution: Let It Go *

Scream ©2002 Slyde
-Never Comin' Home
-Rock n' Roll is in your Soul
-Scream *
-Nothing **
-Swallow This
-Wide Open Space
-Million Years

* Recieved radio airplay
** Remix recieved raido airplay

Set List

Original Songs:

About Today
August Song
Come Again
I Plead
I Really Don’t
Let It Go
Mr. Inspiration
My Deception
Not So Blind
Rain Dance
Scent of Rose
See You
The Kind
The Now
Waiting Game
What is Left
You're Welcome

Original Only Set Duration: ~90 Minutes

Cover Songs:

Sometimes Salvation - Black Crowes
Mr. High and Mighty - Gov't Mule
Angel from Montgomery - Susan Tedeschi/Bonnie Rait/John Prine
Bring me some water - Melissa Etheridge
Guilty - Bonnie Rait
Rock n Roll - Led Leppelin
Just Won’t Burn - Susan Tedeschi
Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Can’t You See - Marshall Tucker Band/Matt Minglewood