College Park, Maryland, USA

Loud and in your face. That's how it goes at the rock and roll show.


We play the loud, in your face rock and roll show that the music scene is missing these days.
This a new song song, plays great live.
We recorded it loud, so listen to it loud.



Written By: Benjamin Thompson

Hell I strolled on down to Benny Street
Stenchin' of wine and I wiped my feet
She was standin' there in a night-bound bra
Petite jeunne fille with eyes that crawl
Opened my mouth and shut it fast
You know moments like this they never last
Hello there stranger take my hand
Have a drink I'm Julieanne

Julieanne, oh no.

Half past out on a busy street
By chance two separate glances meet
She went her way and I kept mine
Now I pray to God just one more time,

Julieanne, Oh No.

She found me caught in a fishing net
Dripping of song and primal sweat
Stole my hips for the rest of the night
Lit my soul with dynamite
Now shipped off to a foreign land
One more pawn to take a stand
One less pawn to call her man
Never again Julieanne

Julieanne, OH NO!

Set List

We have over an hour of originals and over two hours with covers.

We cover Chuck Berry, The Raconteurs, The Offspring, Pink Floyd, Queens of the Stone Age, the good stuff