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Sly Joe & the Smooth Operators

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"A musical gumbo stew that includes generous chunks of funk-laced Americana, jazzified rock ‘n’ roll, and R&B...

Fans of fresh indie pop-rock with a splash of rebellion and a penchant for a good time will dig it."


"Some of the most creative work I've seen on vocals...Overall just a stellar job! Super creative and just oozing talent!"
- Gene Reynolds, Madison

"A lovely tune with well-performed vocals. The lyrics make this song interesting to listen all the way through." - Alex Coombes, Norwich, UK

"Nice song, nice arrangement and i liked the vocals very much. Perfect melody line."
- Antonia Bates, Sweden

"Acoustic heaven. Really fresh sound, cool groove, and I like the vocalist. Great Song."
- Helen Weiz, Austria

"Cool instrumentation and excellent harmonies. This is some of the best stuff on this site. I love this!"
- Rico Franchi, Glasgow, UK

"Vocals so good. Bien por la introducción, llama la atención y atrapa el ritmo bien logrado con la vocalización. Bien!!"
- Luis Orlando, Santiago, Las Condes, Chile

Sly Joe has a thing for love. Two of the songs on this three-song EP (plus bonus track) have love in the title. A press release accompanying the new disc says it ?gfeatures songs about love that can transcend long distances, past failures, and even death.?h Does that mean the band title is Sly Joe?fs code for ?gI want to be the male Sade?Œ?h? But Smooth Operators is a good name for these young veterans of the area music scene, including former Copper Box tubaist/bassist Dave Jerabek, tasteful drummer Mike Underwood (Jazz Orgy & Andy?fs Automatics), and Sly Joe (Something Phonic). (Sorry, just don?ft hear enough of percussionist Robin Cardell in the mix?cas a former percussionist, I know the feeling, Robin.) They do sound like one smooth unit on the original tunes, which feature Sly Joe?fs engaging voice and guitars. He sometimes sounds like Stevie Wonder filtered through J.K. of Jamiroquai. The CD sounds great. I look forward to hearing more.

Jim Lundstrom
Editor - Scene Magazine


Several Songs have been featured on:


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WGTV (Washington, DC)
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Your Lively Love - (single)
Other Side of the Bridge - (Solo Full Length Album)
Ride On - (JOJA EP)
Organic - (Something Phonic Album)
Winds of Change - (Something Phonic EP)
Trouble no More - (Something Phonic EP)
Sopho King Groovy - (Something Phonic Live Album)
Tales from the Magic Shoppe - (Something Phonic EP)
Color by Numbers - (Something Phonic EP)
Something Phonic - (Something Phonic EP)
Ex Post Facto - (Ex Post Facto Cassette)
Mind Games for the Listener - (Spanky's Wagon Album)


The Third Wheel
People Watching


Feeling a bit camera shy


Confucius said, “A craftsman, if he wishes to do good work, must first sharpen his tools.” That being said, SLY JOE’s music is honed like an acupuncture needle. It gets in deep under your skin, demands your attention, then leaves you feeling good all over.

Since his musical debut in first grade, Sly Joe’s been sharpening his skills on the international stage for over 20 years, sharing audiences with the likes of TRAIN, T.S. MONK, JACKSON BROWNE, GILLIAN WELCH, EMMYLOU HARRIS, & JOHN PRINE in venues such as HARD ROCK CAFÉ-(Beijing), THE LOTUS-(Koh Tao), LAMBEAU FIELD-(Green Bay), WAMI AWARDS SHOW-(Milwaukee), LEACH AMPITHEATER-(Oshkosh), and numerous festivals, halls, and coffeeshops from coast to coast.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, he discovered a love for music early. He quickly developed into an accomplished performer, and won the highest award for a classical pianist from the Wisconsin Music Teachers Association at age 11. By 17, he was chosen to play guitar for the Wisconsin State Honors Jazz Ensemble.

As a songwriter, childhood influences are still the roots he draws creativity from. The imaginative harmonies of the Beatles, the soulful rhythms of Motown, the way Mozart could write hundreds of clever hooks and always sound fresh. Sly Joe’s songs have earned him musical residencies in Thailand, San Francisco, and throughout the Fox Valley. Hundreds of college and mainstream radio stations, independent films, and Podcasts across the globe have also found his songs to be a perfect fit.

Currently, Sly Joe is promoting his latest album, “Your Lively Love”. Mastered by Michael Hateley (Eric Clapton, Green Day, Aretha Franklin, Spongebob Squarepants) at Warner Bros. Records, “Your Lively Love” features songs about love that can transcend long distances, past failures, and even death. “All around the world I’ve found proof positive…LOVE is still the universal language. MUSIC is the translator. I try to communicate that idea in my songs.”