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Miami, Florida, United States

Miami, Florida, United States
Band Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




SlyKat hits the billboard charts with the new single "Salud" check it out on - Billboard

"The Kat's Outta The Bag!"

San Antonio Urban:
Talk about City Kidz Entertainment

It is a comnpany owned by myself and Hamir Michael. It is very well in existence and is only a few years old. For a company with a shoestring budget.... we have been blessed to afford to do things with the source and ESPN, and working with big producers like Cool and Dre. I am following God's path and enjoying the fruits of my labor in the music biz. - S.A. Urban News Paper

"Unsigned Hype" - The Source Magazine


Singles: Hotel Cloud Nine" feat. Josh O' Connor, "Stoplight" feat. Josh O' Connor, We Ride, Government Official

Singles w/ Radio Play: "Hotel Cloud Nine" feat. Josh O' Connor (currently) Salud, Im Chillin feat." The Game", Just Chillin feat. "Chamillionaire", Show Your Swag Off, Wild As What



Miami-Once considered to be a dying city, is fast on the verge of becoming the next big urban Mecca. She has birthed record labels, Poe Boy Entertainment and Epidemic Music, as well as successful producers, Cool & Dre and Red Spyda, and artists Trick Daddy, Pitbull, Rick Ross, and Pretty Ricky. Behold the rising Phoenix. In the midst of her rise, Miami has also raised a son, destined to be the ONE! Introducing SLYKAT, born Tiwan Harrell in Miami, Florida on November 30, 1979 to a young teenage mother and a pimp for a father. An amazing phenomenon would begin to take place on this very day for not just the city of Miami, but for Miami music. Throughout his teenage years, SlyKat discovered his affinity for rhymes during the early Luther Campbell 2 Live Crew era. This was indeed a time where hip-hop culture was slowly developing a sound for the South. After High School, he found himself in the company of two young upstart producers by the name of Cool One & Dre. Cool & Dre would inevitably produced SlyKat's first album,9 Lives & 6 Samples for an independent label known as Heat Music. On the eve of his album's release date, Fall 2002, Heat Music unfortunately went bankrupt, therefore leaving this classic album unheard. After the failed release of his first album, SlyKat found himself not only broke with the responsibility of his daughter, but it seemed that his career in music was looking as bleak as his finances. With the drug and pimp game being more accessible within his neighborhood, Sly began to participate in the fast life. After following his father's footsteps, pimping would eventually put his music career on halt. Through financial problems, several arrests, and a near-death experience from a deal gone bad, the end of Tiwan Harrell was inevitable. Fortunately, it would not be the end for SlyKat. A spiritual transformation would redirect his focus back to making music, and most importantly forming his own label with best friend, Hamir Michel. This label soon took on the name City Kidz Entertainment. "I'm here to show another side of southern rappers- to prove that we have a lyrical ability that can contend with the best of them", says Sly, who has been influenced by artists such as Miami's own 2 Live Crew, LL Cool J, Ice T, Snoop Dogg, Outkast, and Rakim. By approaching the game with a hustler's mentality, Sly managed to get premiere features for his independent releases with Buju Banton, Dirtbag, and UTP's Skip and Wacko. "At the time, Juvenile was in Cool & Dre's studio and after hearing me on this song called Get Got, he had them drop something on it."-he says. After annihilating his opponents with the release of his mix-tape, Miami's Best Kept Secret, SlyKat has proven to be the next in line for Miami"s throne.With an effortless flow on his new mix-tape "I'm The Truth" and inherited Pimp charm, SlyKat epitomizes cool. His appeal is not only apparent on stage, but off as well, earning him the poster boy position for a new brand of liquor, Nyak Cognac,which is an official product of Remy Martin. Not only a liquor endorsement deal, but he also linked an endorsement deal with a new clothing company Fokus designed by Omar Jermaine, freelance designer of Pelle, Reebok, and ENYCE. The buzz has been overwhelming considering the fact that Mr. Unsigned Hype of the 2005 January/ February issue of The Source has emerged first in a vibrant South Beach market and recently in a national audience, as well as a feature on Chamillionaire's mixtape hosted by DJ. Whookid. Continuing this winning streak, SlyKat's video Color Blind placed first in a state wide video competition, netting him a publishing deal with Universal. Several of SlyKats songs also appeared on the A&E program First 48 Hours as well as on ESPN's 2006 NFL Draft, featuring a promo with Vince Young. Sly Kat broke a record on with over 50,000 downloads in less than a month, and now has over 250,000 downloads overall, more than twice the amount of any other artist. His debut album Sunny Place, Shady People is a sure classic in the making, with production by Cool & Dre, Red Spyda, Scott Storch, and an incredible Bronx native D.J. Static serving as the official in-house producer. His hit song "I'm Chillin" feat. The Game was added to rotation on several radio stations nationwide. And now with three hot singles, "Salud", "Wild as What" and "Get Ya Thug On" blasting the airwaves simultaneously, SlyKat is well on his way to superstardom. "I think this album is going to be classic because I think I got the next generation of big producers, as well as the lyrics and God doing his thang." says Sly. Miami is not just a city, but a place known as home for this prominent new artist. With many people showing love and support, SlyKat has very little standing in his way. Not only does he have the tools for today's arduous music industry, but he has the heart as well. Miami, the pristine place for entertainment, most definitely can take pride in her bearing