Sly Mcgee

Sly Mcgee


Our music is meant to transcend genre and style. Through the power of music we hope to reconnect the audience with the Infinite Universe and ignite a fire in the depths of the listener to awaken the slumbering soul of the disillusioned masses. We hope to inspire, enlighten, and empower the people.


We have a heavy groove with a psychadelic edge inspired by blues, rock, reggae, and jazz. Our major influences are Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, SRV, Bob Marley, Buddy Guy, Frank Zappa, Robin Trower, and Miles Davis. What sets us apart from other bands is the powerful, soulful guitar playing of Sly Mcgee, mixed with a groovy, funky, jazzy bass player, and a power drummer with a hard rock influence. Each of us bring something different to the mix which has lead the band down a creatively original path.


We are releasing an album in the spring of 2007 for Freebird Records entitled "Astrogazm".

Set List

Our sets typically last 45 minutes to an hour and we can play up to 3-4 sets in a night. We play a mix of original songs with lyrics, original instrumentals, freestyle jams, and a few covers. We usually cover a few hendrix tunes including Power Of Soul, Hey Baby/New Rising Sun, and occasionally Machine Gun or Freedom. We also sometimes cover Pink Floyd's Have a Cigar and a few old blues tunes such as Hoochie Coochie Man. Some of our original song titles include:
-Serpent's Rising
-Open Range
-Casting Rays of Love
-We Belong Out There
-Finally made it Through
-All I Ever Was
-Red Sun
-The Eagles Gift