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Sly Solomon

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Sly Solomon is a breath of fresh in a hip hop industry full of clones. Sly is hard working and understands the business principles that drive the rapidly changing landscape of the music business. Sly smoothly combines east coast lyricism with reggae like swagger, provided by his Jamaican background.


Coming up as the second to youngest of “FOUR BROTHERS” (We should get paid for these advertising plugs)… Andrew Gordon a.k.a. Sly Solomon began his life in the city of Hartford, CT in the hazy, humid, July heat.

As a 1st generation product of a hardworking Jamaican family Sly was transported to Wilson, CT at a young age, because of the nature of the inner city neighborhood in which he was being raised. His father, wanting to provide his family a better environment moved to a small community about 5 minutes from the heart of the city. Oddly enough despite his fathers best intentions Sly continued attending school in the heart of Hartford. This is where he developed the determination and drive seen in so many of our inner city youth today. As a child Sly constantly found himself at the center of conflict and strife. His stubborn pride and love for education gained him a love-hate relationship with many peers that could not understand his inability to “fit-in”.

As Sly grew older he began to witness his parents struggle for security in a land ruled by the wealthy. His father owned a small family business (Gordon’s Floor Covering, which is still in business today) and struggled to maintain an acceptable standard of living by working long hours and teaching his sons the art of going without.

Sly, sick of hearing stories of rappers being angry, broke, and screwed over by record labels decided that the most important thing to drive success was a steady income coupled with a sound understanding of the business principles that drive the industry. This drove him to leave his community and the influences that might distract him from his goal, and attend school in Texas.

Once in Texas Sly began to pursue his music career through the avenue of marketing. His first noteworthy accomplishment was putting together a christian talent search much like American Idol for his local community. With over 250 attendees this event was a success which opened doors for him to continue his involvement on a local scale. Sly went on to help found Sound Vault Productions ( as well as putting together his own small record label (3wise Entertainment) which went on to perform at (and produce) several shows (winning a talent show at the local college) and producing his first demo recording.

After having a daughter and gaining a degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing, Sly began his career as a market research coordinator in Washington DC. This career would allow him to achive an income that could afford him to return to his passion… Music!

With a label full of talent on the rise ( coming soon) and an arsenal of lyrical madness at his fingertips Sly Solomon is intent on carving a path in this once (proclaimed) dead Hip Hop industry… So Stay Tuned, and keep your mind open!
He is a breath of fresh! Y Clone? “No Need to Copy Right?”


"Hip Hop is Still Alive"
"Interview" (Ni**er)
"All My Love"
"Apology Letter"

Set List

My typical set last about 20-30 minutes. Each song is about 3-5 minutes long.