zwo people: girl - boy... the old thing but without sex. there is music instead. smack love good melodies and electronical stuff. that`s how they write their songs. and a bit of the girl-boy thing is amoung it too...


founded in a living room, smack first wanted to test if they could write songs together. as they could they started to record them. after a while friedns asked them to come on tour with them. so they did.
this was in 2003. 3 EPs later their music was used in a documentary-film, a tv-commercial for triumph international and a japanese label will release an album in japan in 2008.


EP "homesick - sick of home"

two songs on the "Pop City" Sampler

EP "smacked in the eye"

January: EP "the hinge"

April: "smacked in the eye" (from the second EP) is choosen for the tv-commercial of triumph int. in greece & cyprus

June: "homesick - sick of home" (from the first EP) is part of the documentary about the local soccer club "fca"

Oktober: the video for the song "we travel" (from the third EP) has made it to the finals of the german video-contest "rock:liga"

2008: CD "homesick" on the japanes Label "town tone"

Set List

we have a live-set of 35 songs - no covers