If you are looking for a fresh new sound to pack the house look no further! SMaCK has it all! This trio brings a perfect mix of timeless classics and fresh new originals with a sound that just won’t stop and leaves you wanting more!


SMaCK originally started out as Trevis and Jaime, a guitar and bass duo, about two years ago. The band played all acoustic sets. Being very passionate about the music they played, they stuck to all originals written by members of the band. Their style and sound has evolved since the beginnings but the attitude of the music has still remained true and that is that music is an art and they always strive to portray it as such. SMaCK is currently a three piece band featuring drums, guitar, and vocals. Their shows are a unique blend of timeless covers and hot new originals.


Give Me Today

Written By: Trevis Harricharan

Give me the moon light
Give me the rain
Give me the sunshine
Give me today yeay yeay yeay
Oh Oh

Looking out this door
And I’m thinking to myself
There’s nothing I can say or do
To change the things I’ve done
When it comes to you
There’s no one else
What could I say, cause -
What’s done is done

Now that I’m sitting here
With nothing else to do
I’m remembering the times
When I was close to you
It was all I could do
To walk away
I’m coming back for more
Baby what can I say

Some people might look at me
And laugh today
But I don’t care
What they think or say
No one in this world
Can do the things you do
You are good for me
And baby I need you

Can't Take No More

Written By: Trevis Harricharan

Cause I can’t take no more of your damn bullshit
Why don’t you stop why don’t you quit
If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard that shit a thousand times before
So leave my ass alone before I walk out of the door

Oh oh oh
Oh oh
I see you standing there
I’m by the door
I don’t even care
What I’m fighting for
I’m gonna leave today
And not look back
Cause I’m so tired of feeling this way


Oh oh oh
Oh oh
I see you standing there
You make me sick
You don’t even care
You’re such a prick
I’m gonna leave today
And not look back
Cause you’re so fucking set in your ways


Oh oh oh
Oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh

What About Me

Written By: Trevis Harricharan

What about me
What about me
You’re plan sounds so great sept for
One little thing
What about me
What about me

Look around the room
What do I see
Everybody’s smiling
Everybody but me
I guess it’s time to go
What about me


Look around the room
Where’s my damn beer
I know I laid that bitch somewhere
Round here
I guess I should go
What about me

Well it’s clear to me now
Just what you think
You didn’t plan to have me come
To this damn thing
I know it’s time to go
What about me



Written By: Trevis Harricharan

A day doesn’t go by that you’re not on my mind
At least a thousand times
I daydream about us laughing and being friends
I never wonder if you love me

You’re so beautiful
You take away the bite that life can give
If you listen to my thoughts
I love the way your love me fits

Sitting together on the porch in the rain
My thoughts drift back to you
So many dreams have yet to come true
But it’s still me and you


At the end of the day you walk through the door
And the dishes still aren’t done
I smile and know that you’ll listen to my thoughts
You’re still on my mind

Chorus (2x’s)

She Called Me Baby

Written By: Trevis Harricharan

You see she called me baby
She taught me everything I know
If it’s all the same to you
There’s no one else I want
So I guess I’m gonna go

I can’t believe this song’s about her
Cause when she walked away
I knew she’s gonna go
There’s nothing left for me to say about it
I never thought it end this way

At random chance I met a girl
Her name is oh- she was so good
I thought it only last one dance
I thought I had it all


Can’t believe this song’s about her
Cause when she walked away
I knew she’s gonna go

Set List

Example of Covers:
1.Redemption Song Bob Marley
2.Viva La Vida Coldplay
3.All Around Me Fly Leaf
4.Free Falling Tom Petty
5.I am The Highway Audio Slave
6.Apologize One Republic
7.All For You Sister Hazel
8.Aint No Sunshine Bill Withers
9.Misery Business Paramore

Example of Originals:
1. Give Me Today
2. Beautiful
3. What About Me
4. Can’t Take No More
5. Thought I Walked Away
6. Feel Me
7. Ya Mon
8. Scared and Scarred