Small Animals

Small Animals

 Glendale, California, USA


Band Members:
Michael Marquez - Vox, Giutars
Steve Stanard - Drums, Harmonica, Melodica

Small Animals is a Los Angeles based duo whose music can best be described as indie folk-pop. Their debut EP Television Overhaul blends a variety of the member’s collective musical backgrounds. Influences ranging from the 70’s “yacht-rock” sound of Mary to the title track, Television Overhaul, which would be right at home as a 45 between Waylon and Willie on the Wurlitzer jukebox. From the desert rock Sedona to the spacey Transcend and psychedelic A Plus, the EP showcases this band’s ability to convey emotions ranging from the gritty to the abstract. Although only a two piece band, their live performances carry all the energy of a full rock band while maintaining their folk-pop aesthetic.


"Television Overhaul" EP July 2010