Small Black

Small Black



After disappearing into the attic of Uncle Matt’s house on Long Island for a long winter with their casios & samplers, Small Black emerged with their debut EP. The Brooklyn duo of Ryan Heyner & Josh Kolenik make the sort of lo-fi jams that wouldn’t sound out of place blaring at a house party at 4 am or pulsing through headphones in your bedroom. Strange beats, dreamy synths, tape hiss & laid-back melody, somehow form themselves into coherent & hummable pop songs. Described by Pitchfork as “absurdly addictive” & “soul-stirring,” Small Black released their self-titled 5 song 12” EP on CassClub on October 13th.


Small Black - Small Black EP - Cass Club

Small Black - Despicable Dogs 7" - Transparent

Small Black/Washed Out Split 7" - Lovepump United

Small Black - Live CMJ 7" - Mexican Summer

Set List

EP + 3