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"SF Examiner"

Small Change Romeos took the time to do an "In their own words segment." I think they're a rising band, with great pop sensibilities, energy, and emotion. Enjoy!

How long have you been playing?

Each of us have been playing music since we were kids, but since we all came together in San Francisco as Small Change Romeos...about 5 years.

Who are your influences and inspirations?

Police, ELO, Eagles, Killers, Tom Petty, Springsteen, Pearl Jam, The Beatles, and The Stones
What are you musical goals?

Like most other musicians out there, our dream is to make a good living doing what we love-a song on the radio, performing in an arena, or a great festival...oh yeah...and the cover of Rolling Stone!
What is your writing process?

We have 3 songwriters in the band and usually one of us will bring something half finished to the rest of the group. Everyone from there usually adds their own touch and talent to any given song and helps bring it to life. A lot of these initial ideas ideas come from our real life experiences, the hard ships as well as the good times, then somehow, something beyond us takes over and it becomes translated into song...

What is your musical history?

Over the past few years we've played hundreds of live shows and have released recordings that have been heard on California radio stations such as 107.7 the Bone, 87.9 KGO and 90.1 KMUD among others...Our last album had guest star performers from bands as diverse as Tesla, Spearhead, and Starship. SCR's music has been used in commercials seen on CNN, and one of our politically slanted tunes made its way to be one of Bruce Springsteen's personal picks for his EStreet SIRUIS Radio station. We were also SNOCAPS featured artist for most of 2008...

Anything else you want the reader to know?

We are a real rock band diverse and dynamic, and our songs usually carry a message...Our live show is truly kick ass and tons of fun! Come check us out soon... We'll also have a new album out by the end of the year! - Ted Ramey


LP: FOOLS GOLD, 2007 (Loud American)

EP: GRACE ALLEY SESSIONS, 2005 (Milk Jug Records)

LP: LONG WAY FROM TOMORROW 2004 (Milkjug Records)



"Small Change Romeos are a killer band and I've been lucky enough to sit in with them both onstage and in the studio. I dig that they always wear their hearts on their sleeves in their songs...which is a pleasure and a rarity in today's market"

-Dave Rude, Tesla

The music of the San Francisco based Small Change Romeos is as diverse and exciting as the city it comes from. Although predominately Rock, the group prides itself on and writing catchy songs that carry real weight, while transcending pop with a fresh and groove laden new sound.

Their latest album “Fool’s Gold” in conjunction with a new EP to be released soon has recently attracted the attention of the majors and the band was able to secure a music placement contract with Gotham Records out of NYC. The record features a host of talented musical guests including: Dave Rude (Tesla), J Bowman of (Spearhead) and Phil Bennett (Starship).

In addition, the Small Change Romeos have had plays on many West Coast radio stations including 107.7 The Bone, 91.1 KMUD, 90.1 Pirate Cat FM, and KGO 810 AM. They have also had music featured in commercials seen on various TV stations including CNN, and they have been broadcast on SIRIUS satellite radio as well as a host of other Internet stations. They are also a featured act on the ongoing Comcast television show SF Sound.

In 2005, the track “Not Like This” was chosen to be part of the SAUZA "LIVE ALL SUMMER" compilation CD that distributed 40,000 copies nationwide and in 2007 landed a spot as SNOCAP's featured artist and download. The Romeo’s video and song “01.20.09” can been seen on a host of "call for change" websites including and was one of Bruce Springsteen's personal picks for a playlist on E STREET SIRIUS RADIO.

Songwriters Chris James and Mike Ruy backed by drummer Matt Berg, Bassist Robert Wright, and Keyboardist John Patterson, draw from Rock, Americana, and Alternative styles mixed with pop sensibilities to deliver an inspired musical message. With sizzling guitar work, vocal harmonies and a rock-solid groove , Small Change Romeos fire up audiences with catchy songs and an energizing live show…

"Small Change Romeos are a rising band, with great pop sensibilities, energy, and emotion..."


"SCR is a real rock band. They bring to mind an edgy, dynamic and classic sound that is missing in so much of todays music. Great songwriting and awesome onstage performance and energy". Working with them both on the stage and in the studio has always been a pleasure and an incredible experience..."

-Phil Bennett, Starship

"I had the idea that we wanted to do either a video for the political season, or a music video. For the latter, I researched up-and-coming San Francisco bands on the web, and when I listened to “01.20.09” by the Small Change Romeos, I thought, “This is it!”

“…and creating a video like this, you listen to the song over and over. And over. What’s striking, is that after listening to the song a million times, I still like it!"..

-Deb Keller Producer, The LoudMouth Group

"It's no surprise that San Francisco produced a politically minded rock band that was able to put the hardship of the last eight years into music...the '01.20.09' video is impressive!"

-Elliott Nachwalter Founder, Bush'

"Great video and song..."

-Bruce Springsteen