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Our style is so versatile; we exhibit many different genres of music not conforming to the typical sound of rap music. Whether it’s Dream's impressive lyricism, Z's, zany character, or Weebz and Voice's, empowering and sultry sisterhood, Small City is definitely a group everyone can enjoy.


Born and raised in an urban community, a "Small City" in Pennsylvania better known as Harrisburg, is where the eccentric quartet began their rap career. "Z" and "Dream" born, Ahmad ( Z) and Hakim (Dream) Zahir are biological brothers whom have been dreaming of stardom since the very premature age of only ten years old. The two along with their little sister "Weebz" born Shariyfa Zahir, were all raised in the same household where rap battles and dance contest held precedence over all other activities, “We love to entertain, that's what we do."
Z, the oldest brother of the Zahir family has been the inspiration and ultimately the groups creator. Starting out as a solo artist, Z has inadvertently made a name for himself just by being nothing other than_ himself. His outgoing personality and down-to-earth persona has certainly enhanced his artistic allure. "It's been along time coming.", say the modest rapper. Z went from debuting his lyrical interest and raw rap talent at a local casting for a milk ad, where he conveyed how great milk is, to becoming an undisputed and adored headliner at a local nightclub, "The Broadway." Z has certainly proved himself to be a survivor. It was at "The Broadway" where he exuded gobs of raw talent and an undeniable hunger that resulted not only in him establishing an artistic professionalism, but also acquiring an abundance of egger fans all anxious for more. Z's desire for fame has not only had an influential impact on his many fans, but it has also sparked the curiosity, and fueled the desire in his younger brother better known as Dream, to become the phenominal lyricsit he is today.
“Hakim The Dream is an amazing artist”, says his fellow band members. He not only provides the group with insightful direction and a structured coordination but he also creates the beats, Small City spews their eclectic style and hard rap lyrics over. Without any direction or superior guidance by a musical veteran, only driven by his burning desire to excel, Dream taught himself single-handily how to create the rhythmic tunes we hear saturated throughout “Small City’s debut album “City Council.” Without thousands of dollars worth of equipment only a small computer, Dream discovered the recipe of how to arrange the kicks so they strike, boom the bass so it rumbles, and silence the snare’s, in such a way that it is music to everyone’s ears. Dream is no doubt a talented beat maker, but is probably more identified by his lucid lyricism. His lyrical talent is what places him above his peers. Often compared to rapping sensation and hip hop icon, Jay-Z, Hakim the Dream is definitely taking rap back to a time when an artist’s clout was earned by his impressive lyrics not his materialistic monies.
Weebz, one half of the group’s feminine duo, projects an image of hard core rap through the eyes of women. Her lyrics project an image of female independence. Not relying on men for support, she tries to convey that message to everyone through her bossy lyrics and sassy swagger. Among her lyrical talent Weebz also provides the group with creative insight on the way to carry themselves. Acting as the group’s designer or publicist she comes up with the eccentric courtesies the group often takes to stand out in the crowd. At the very young age of only eighteen years old, she is sure to blossom into one of today’s promising rap artist.
Rickie Callahan , better known as Voice, acquired the alias mainly because of the way she’s known to belt out the powerful vocals on the groups LP, “On and Popen.” This up-tempo song displays only half of Voice’s impressive talents. Not only is she an able singer, but she is also a brilliant song-writer, proudly flaunting such abilities, also in this budding hit single. Voice has been singing and writing songs for many years. Originally starting out, as the lead vocalist of a childhood singing group, Voice ventured out in search for greener pastures as the group’s lack of success caused a split. Voice, now a member of Small City, has not only been able to display her talents as a singer but also earned her respect as a “gangstress” rapper, annihilating the track “Where u From”, with raw street lyrics about her hometown of Harrisburg, Pa. As a triple threat, singer, rapper, and song-writers, Voice is defiantly a promising artist.


Be my Baby

Written By: Dream & Z feat. Felicia Hicks

(Z) [Felicia]

Adlibs (Z): yeah.....yeah...yeah

Hook [Felicia]:

won't you be my baby,
i could be your lady,
won't you come here baby, but
wait let me whisper somthing at cha' get at cha'.

Verse1 (Z):

girl when i seen you girl, I spinned on a pivot,
my heart skipped for a minute,
plus your skin looked cinnamon complected.
I couldn't spit out a sentence,
but just like cotton candy your, fragrence was similar scented.
Yo the sun was going down,
your figure was silhouetted,
i figured,
i see her again but what if i didn't,
i woulda missed those lips if I woulda missed today we could end up like Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.
Like, Whitney and Bobby, but
without the crack honey,
We could be married with children like Peggy and Al Bundy.
I'd give, hugs to you, like Cliff gave Claire Huxtabule, even though its all fiction like Hommer and Marge Simpson.

Hook [Felicia]: x2

Adlibs : you gon be wit me tonight girl...uh huh

Verse 2 :

To my misses,
I can get you over your pain,
bring the sun out bright ,
put it over your rain,
how could you miss this,
the right night over you came,
put some rice in that skillet,
put it over a range,
ill do the dishes,
chance to go over some thangs,
like, how many kids and go over some names,
the right kisses on time, aint no moutain high enough i wont climb,
and it aint no bouncin',
when we argue, call and get couseling,
get our pennies together and toss them in the fountain,
you see my lady,
all im askin' is....
[Felicia]...won't you be my baby!

Hook [Felicia]: x2

Verse 3 (Z):

(WHISPER)..."you fine, but i aint gon sweat ya",
Naw this aint the Ying Yang Twins but i will say this,
tell you what my real status is,
no games from the kid,
you hatin' men because they play with your head,
not me, imma tell you how it is from the door my position of course, is love you whether rich or for poor,
just to give you a better life,
id pitch bricks until them cops kick in the doors,
cause im committed for sure,
sombody touch you,
i'll put lead to the dog,
rush you throught the medical doors,
put pressure on your pain till its gon,
i go insane like whenever you gon,
so whenever its on,
yo i got you,
you got me?

Hook [Felicia]: x2

Adlibs (Z).......{fade out}

Copyright© Written By: Ahmad & Hakim Zahir; Small City : City Council Album (track #5). Hate it or Love it Productions, 2005.


Written By: Dream


Bridge (Dream): x2

I gotta do this Myself,
aint nobody gonna help me,
cause im from the ghe-etto,
just thought id let yall know.

Verse 1 (Dream):

Went from 15 to, 18 to, 21,
used to flip Burger King, now real money come,
yes thats the transition from a kid to a man so if you don't listen you a kid not a man.
Understand homie,
lifes real,
the light bill don't care if you got mic skills,
get off yo ass,
48 hours is bad,
but you still gotta swipe that badge cause lif ejust might not last.
You hungry like Cast Away,
but you can't turn shook like Cashous Clay,
its 05 2k nigga,
and we all grown up,
going up against the world, hope we all show up,
still, feel bad for the brothers we lost and learned off where they went wrong,
thats why i sing this song along wit no one else,
cause help aint dealt wit these cards.

Hook (Dream): x2

You gotta believe,
nobody gonna ride for me,
no, nobody gon survive for me,
i gotta do it Myself,
and with this i say acheive more than the Hip Hop way.

Verse 2 (Dream):

You got time not to waste,
you got to face facts that knowledge comes with wisom,
not wit age,
see, im independant,
so i can't turn envious from what the next man says he gets another brother won't stress the name,
cause we all get hungry, eat and die just the same,
high school drop out,
all i did was smoke trees,
had to back track,
graduated '03,
and im BACK,
you see its what i must do education aint just for you its for your kids its for you to live comfortably,
yeah that srtong Black company thats what i want for me,
i got the music the beat lines,
my little sisters into the design,
so we cant lose we need 1.5,
anything else would be uncivilized.

Hook (Dream): x2

Bridge (Draem): x2

Verse 3 (Dream):

All i remember is opening doors,
sending out postages in that post office,
sweeing up grocery stores,
approaching and talking wit a broom in my hand,
my friends was doing they thing,
i was just doing the damn,
but it wasn't gonna ruin my plans,
i knew what a plan was,
move like snakes do in the sand,
gotta do what i can do,
gotta roll my sleeves up,
you think you know,
you got no idea.
but because im that way,
i cant wait to my last days, to move at a fast pace, or wait till my last age,
in case of emergency, break open the glass case,
do for self, make ten times what i last made,
in a pinch, ill fight for every inch ill slice wit every knife in the kithen if im slippin,
i went and did the leg work on it,
even if you make hits,
niggas gonna hate on it,

Copyright© Written By: Hakim Zahir; Small City : City Council Album (Track #16). Hate it or Love it Productions, 2005.


Written By: Z

(Z) [Radio Commentator]

[Radio Commentator]:

"Yeah your listening to 91.1 WSCE, I'm here with the Z from Small City,
Uh, Z I heard Small City's all about party songs, nothing serious,
let me ask you a question,
What do you think about..religion?"

Verse 1 (Z):

Man, i feeling abused,
and im feeling confused,
cause im feeling like i don't know which religion to choose,
is it Christians or Jews?,
is it Muslims or Buhddist?,
or maybe i should be an Atheist,
chill with them Judist.
Is Heaven or Hell a state of mind,
or place in time,
where you are sent,
or desend when you die,
December twenty-five is Christmas,but what if this date is not the beginning of Jesus's exsistence,
would the gifts go back, would the kids go back to school worldly, surly the worldly views would change,
would the bible have to be re-written?, would it be repentant?,
would there be resistence?,
could the preacher convince the kids to listen,
and i protest over-throw the system,
or the hope is missing,
but, the question is this,
Should i be questioning this?,
or should i just go to the club have me a Hennessey mix,
stop all that living in doubt,
stop that here trying to figure things out,
and except that its this,
stay closed minded till the casket close behind us....

[Radio Commentator]:

"Okay, I see you serious, let me throw another question at you, we got alot going on in the world right now,
Um, I wanna know how you feel about this war in Iraq. You got anything to say about that Z?'

Verse 2 (Z):

Man im feeling remorse,
man my feelings is lost,
feeling destraut,
Man my name is Ahamd,
I got a Muslim name,
and them Muslims is gettin slain, everyday,
its like a tug-of -war,
in one hand im an American,
the other im embarressed,
hear my name you think of terrorist,
got the whole Air Force, taking my pants off,
shoving they hand up my ass while getting frisked at the airport,
(Come on Z, do those breathing exercises you said that you needed, chill, take a sedative even),
they said we was even,
im saying they evil,
cause under the constitution all men was created equal,
but them mutherfuckers must been lieing to me,
i cant get a grand for a college degree,
so whats the reason yall in that Iraq region,
does it boil down to oil, or do yall really want freedom?,
and whats the price to get it?,
lose my life to get it,
pull out my knife, have to slice to get it,
this world is triflling alone,
let alone have to fight to fix it.

[Radio Commentator]:

"Wwwoo.. ok, The phone lines is buzzing, yo, i'll take yall calls in a second, but let me get back to Z real quick, Um Z one last question, I need know, how you feel about this being broke, no money, whats gong on?

Verse 3 (Z):

I aint got a pot to piss in, but listen im getting whats coming to me,
aint trying to make enemies,
but don't step to me,
when im trying to get my ends to meet,
i don't envy that man that stands between me and my stomach,
i want my car off empty,
i want a shopping cart full of the newest clothes thats trendy,
that Gucci, Fendi,
so dude don't offend me,
cause your bank statement is larger than mine,
cause i got that drive, ambition,
and uh, uh,uh,
when in doubt yall guns aint bigger than mine, (ANTE UP), gimmie that watch, gimmie that time,
(ANTE UP), gimmie that ring, gimmie that shine,
(ANTE UP), jack that fool, catch him at the ATM, Antie Em, Antie Em,
"Aint no place like home" motherfucker, run motherfucker when my pockets thin,
ride to music pop this in,
best ride to music since Pac been dead,
but the pot is bigger at the end of the rainbow,
get rich then lay low,
the more money, more problems thats how the saying go.

[Radio Commentator]:

"Alright, I'm feeling that, I'm feeling that, Um the rumors about Small City is DEFINITELY NOT TRUE, I wanna thank you Z, for coming through and giving us your time. Go ahead and cop that Small City album, Small City: City Council."

Copyright©Written By: Ahmad Zahir; Small City: City Council album (track #15). Hate it or Love it Productions, 2005.


Debut Album: Small City
City Council
The group's first album, a compelation of 17 hot tracks,including the hit's "If u Want it" & "Show me Sumthin", that has been played in several local night clubs and sport bars. Track two "Where u From" is currently being played on a local internet radio station, WWW.BURGCITYRADIO.COM.

Set List

1. INTRO 0:59
2. WHERE U FROM 5:38
3. IF U WANT IT 4:11
4. RHYMIN' & RIFFIN' 2:49
5. BE MY BABY 3:37
7. IT'S DREAM 4:09
8. HOLLA (SKIT) 0:33
10.CAUGHT UP (SKIT) 1:15
11. WEEK AGO 4:42
13. ON AND POPEN 2:53