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SMALL - "Sunshine Lover" 2008
SMALL - "Someone" (EP)



The word “SMALL” does not always refer to something light, petit or just plain inferior. In this case it refers to the upcoming Danish trio, SMALL, which is a genuine example of the hands down right opposite.
The Copenhagen-based trio gathers around their elaborately loud electro-club-pop trademark consisting of dense and flickering guitar-moods, persistently soft wall-to-wall harmonies and blistering analogue synthesizer-riffs, which are all conducted with a skilled and playful naivety dug right out of the theme park electrifique of the early 1980s.
In a slumbering potent and highly modified sound the trio combines the roaring introvert with the humming extrovert in a tight and deliberate band gesture that is the quilted essence of singing leading man Andreas Asingh, guitarist Jacob Funch and drummer Rune Kielsgaard and their joint passions.
For some years now all three members have been well known performers on the experimental Copenhagen scene, but with SMALL they have made a collective pass on certified national Danish radio, P3, which lead to a most-inevitable “pick-of-the-week” award and later on the release of the trio’s first regular album “Teenage Cover”.
SMALL is not dull, light, petit or inferior and it isn’t just (small) talk either: its inten-ded mass, time and space situated somewhere shouting in between sensitive 1980s kitsch, a voluminous trademark sound and that superiorly sinking feeling of the almighty universe.

SMALL - “Teenage Cover” is out now in Denmark!