Small Dream Ada

Small Dream Ada


Small Dream Ada features an expanded palette of indie rock, orchestral color, and modern jazz flourishes. They are akin to artists such as Julia Holter, Hanne Hukkleberg, and Fiona Apple. Their darkly hued lyrics occupy the landscape of dreams and the dream's relationship with reality.


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“The gorgeous, ethereal sounds of musician/singer/composer Alaina Ferris make the experience truly special.”
Adam R. Burnett,

“Tyler Gilmore is lending his innovative composing and arranging skills to indie chamber group Small Dream Ada, which is highlighted by Alaina Ferris‘s stunning vocals. [...] At times ethereal and dreamy, Golden Propeller is a gorgeous collaboration.”
Jon Solomon, Westword Backbeat


Led by vocalist/poet Alaina Ferris, indie chamber group Small Dream Ada is a darkly hued journey through the subconscious. Akin to artists such as Julia Holter, Hanne Hukkleberg, and Fiona Apple, Small Dream Ada’s Golden Propeller features progressive song forms, and an expanded palette of brass quintet, electronics, and a rock quartet.


Formed by poet Alaina Ferris and jazz composer Tyler Gilmore, Small Dream began as a studio collaboration with the album as an end goal. After positive reception, Gilmore and Ferris relocated to the east coast and formed the live group with Mike Beck, Marty Fowler, Matt Schlatter, and Pier Luigi Salami.

Gilmore and Ferris draw on both musical and literary influences: Steve Reich, Bjork, John Hollenbeck; Eleni Sikelianos, J.D. Salinger, and Nabakov, whose book 'Ada' influenced the band's name.

Small Dream Ada has most recently performed in New York venues Rockwood Music Hall, Dixon Place, Cameo Gallery, Lolita Bar, Pete’s Candy Store,Tea Lounge, and Entwine.


Urge to Cry

Written By: Alaina Ferris

perfect stranger, tu sais que j’en vais mourir ?
dove blue city sky, can you see me through these passing cars?
?no rest without love, so please kiss me, kiss me quickly

out of this urge to cry, went to the city?
out of this urge to cry, came home

??graceful gestures, the sweet scent of her warm golden hair?
damn hope, too elegant. the city, it finds you, the city crushes
?stop we can’t, we can’t here. you fool, always mad for romance

??nightforce approacheth, it peers through the brain, fastly running horse
?still laying down, wearing yesterday’s clothes.
Yes, that’s what I wanted, to find where I belong


Golden Propeller. EP. Released On iTunes,, and Spotify September 17th, 2012.

Set List

Stalk of Grain
Starting Point
Night Strong
The Year Started Prosperous
I Shut My Eyes
Urge to Cry