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SHAUN first sang and fronted local Isle of Wight high-energy rhythm n’ blues covers outfit GRINDER in the mid-70‘s, playing a mix of Dr Feelgood, Eddie and The Hotrods, etc. As the musical style of the band turned more towards punk, this lineup changed its name to THE UNDERDOGS, and featured RAZZLE (HANOI ROCKS) on drums in his first ever band. They played numerous local gigs, and supports to the likes of THE LURKERS and THE DAMNED as they passed through on their tours. The last incarnation of the band was THIN RED LINE, again with RAZZLE behind the kit. This version of the band had begun to write in earnest and had a stab at making it in London. Following a handful of North London pub gigs, it was decided to call it a day. Anyway, RAZZLE had by then been looking into furthering his career by joining a more established band. This he did first with THE DARK, a couple of other lesser known punk outfits, and eventually he laid claim to the drum stool in HANOI ROCKS. That branch of the family tree we know...........

Shaun’s next move was to Holland, in response to a Melody Maker ad, spotted by his brother Martin. Martin had blagged it on the phone, which he was good at it’s true, and managed to secure Shaun a trial without even submitting a demotape. The band responsible for the advert were HOLLANDER, a dutch AOR band. They were looking for a new singer/frontman, and had already signed to CBS, so the gig was very attractive. Shaun recorded a demo using a HOLLANDER backing track in the studio. This was then submitted to compete with the various other contenders for the gig, among them signed American singers. Whilst in Holland, the band’s lead guitarist CARL CARLTON had kindly allowed Shaun to crash at his apartment. They became good mates, and it was evident Carl was backing Shaun to get the singer’s job. After much deliberation by both band and management, to his amazement, Shaun was advised by Carl that he had been chosen as HOLLANDER’s new singer. This euphoria was to be short-lived however. That night everyone went for a celebratory meal at a local restaurant, and Shaun was aware of a certain atmosphere, and that the bass player and drummer were particularly subdued. He confided this to Carl, who assured Shaun that he was imagining things. The next morning, the manager and some band members arrived at Carl’s flat and Carl went with them into another room for a meeting to which Shaun was not invited. He returned a while later, visibly upset and actually tearful, to advise Shaun what he suspected anyway, that he was not now going to be offered the singer’s position in the band.

To have had such a great chance seemingly given and then taken away again left Shaun pretty fed up with the whole business. Carl even announced to Shaun that he was so angry too that he intended to leave the band. Shaun told him that, whilst he found the gesture very reassuring and supportive, jeopardising his career was not something he wished Carl to do for his sake. There followed talk of putting together a new band with some of Carl’s many musical associates. Eventually though, Shaun returned to England. Shaun’s mum advised him that Carl had telephoned several times to convince Shaun to be part of his new plans, but each time had missed him. With hindsight, Shaun admits he should probably have heard Carl out, but at the time felt so stung by what had happened that he acted on impulse, wishing only to put the experience behind him.

There followed many auditions in London through Melody Maker ads. In almost every case,Shaun was shortlisted to the last 4 or 5 applicants.


There followed the creation of AOR band HQ (1984-85), which comprised Shaun on lead vocals, JEFF MYLES (CHELSEA) on bass guitar, MARK FREEMAN (STEVE MARRIOTT’s PACKET OF 3, JOHN OTWAY) and PHIL “SG” OSWALD on guitar.
Several MARQUEE CLUB appearances and studio recordings, to date unreleased. Best shot was being considered for signing (but alas ultimately not) by ATLANTIC RECORDS.

A writing and recording collaboration with respected session guitarist BILL LIESEGANG (NINA HAGEN, XERO) resulted in several songs for which Shaun provided the Lyrics and melodies. Bill later recorded an album with high profile guest vocalists such as GLENN HUGHES and JOHN WETTON.

Shaun was lead singer/frontman for KEY WEST, which featured the legendary WARWICK “WALLY” NIGHTINGALE (THE STRAND, THE SWANKERS, NOT THE SEX PISTOLS) on rhythm guitar. London gigs and studio recordings overseen by ED HAMILTON composer of “NIGHT GAMES” recorded by GRAHAM BONNET.