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smallgang One of most exciting live bands in London today!

Once in a blue moon you’ll find a band playing the small London circuit and you’ll immediately see a creature that stands out from rest; too tight, too clever, too cool for this dead-end scene. smallgang are one such beast. Geisering uber-poppy, intelligent post-punk, that meshes the best bits of Joy Division, Smog and Dinosaur Jr. They have supported the likes of Dick Dale, Shonen Knife, Chris Brokaw and Geoff Farina and are set to s


smallgang formed through kinship and bookshops. Comprising of Anglo-Japanese brothers Simon and Toshi Kobayashi on joint vocals and guitars, plus Matt and Ruth Atkins on drums and bass respectively. Simon, Ruth and Matt worked together at the now defunct Border’s book store on Oxford Street and the band blossomed out of this friendship. Toshi and Simon have been playing together since Toshi was 19 and Simon 14, cultivating a sort of sibling rivalry that has manifested into the bands’ signature duelling guitar solos. Four very well-read individuals then, whose love of music and literature fans the flames of their astute and aphotic pop.

Coming across as the missing link between Steely Dan, The Smiths, Smog and Shellac, Smallgang are a band who will break your heart and rock your world simultaneously.

Tightly knit and tightly wound through a restless and inquisitive mindset that sets them apart from much of today’s ‘indie’ scene, they have been blowing audiences away for the past couple of years, supported the likes of Dick Dale, Shonen Knife, Chris Brokaw and Geoff Farina, and have big plans!

With a new album on Damnably in May 2011 and tour, prepare to fall in love with one of the best British bands of the moment!

"Up next was London four piece Smallgang, who I had been very impressed with at a show a month or two previously, and they've upped their game here. Though dealing with a shorter time on stage they condensed their act well, shifting the focus onto just one of their two vocalists and tracks like Cockpit bellowed gloriously out across the hall; falling somewhere between Regeneration-era The Divine Comedy and Stephen Malkmus at his most post-punk." God Is In The TV



Written By: Simon Kobayashi

This is your captain speaking,
There is no need for panic,
We’re experiencing some slight turbulence,
This is your captain speaking,
There is no easy way to say this,
But please understand – I know it’s difficult,

I’m in the cockpit – the jets are stopping,
I’m in the cockpit – the masks are dropping,
So breathe easy friend, and I will get us down

This is your captain speaking,
If anyone has any last wishes,
Wish away and don’t stop til they come true

I’m in the cockpit – rapidly losing,
I’m in the cockpit – faith and altitude,
But breathe easy friend and I will get us down,

If anyone knows how to fly this,
Speak up now before it’s too late,
Get off your arse and participate,
It won’t kill you,

I’m in the cockpit – the levels are clipping,
I’m in the cockpit – The nose is dipping,
I’m in the cockpit – Moving in slow motion,
I’m in the cockpit – I can see the ocean,
I’m in the cockpit – I must be dreaming,
I’m in the cockpit – I hear you screaming,
I’m in the cockpit – And my face is on fire,
I’m in the cockpit – We can’t get any higher,
But breathe easy friend, And I will get us down.


Written By: Toshi Kobayashi

Have now all fallen
I like to watch you walking
Without your trousers on

Wrinkled dry underfoot
Wedded to dirt and dust
I just want you to stay put

The trees after their striptease
Your limbs I could chop up
Join the planks into a wardrobe
A wardrobe

To hang in a two-piece suit
Woven from my dreams
And lock the door

I put my ear against the wood
Then I hear your heart beat

In the reach of my fingers
I’d trap you here in amber
And wear you right around my neck

You’re still in
A bright, tight chamber
I watch the world grow stranger
Always in health and never sick

The trees after their striptease
Your limbs I could chop up
Join the planks into a wardrobe
A wardrobe

To hang in a two-piece suit
Woven from my dreams
And lock the door

Then I hear your heart beat


Written By: smallgang

If I had to start again I’d have to know
The taste of the bitter seeds that
Life can sow

Ten stale kisses for one that’s sweet
A hand to lift you after a season on your knees
These totems of wishes know how I want you
Half a dozen and one magpies know my secret

Your lips are moving I don’t want to take
A look at the words they’re tracing

He goes there sometimes
Rides the Tube to Brent Cross
Tracks along the north circular
Until he reaches the traffic island
Sits under the overpass
That arches over like the spine of a long-beached whale

And the sound of the rounds becomes like a river rushing drowning the too many thoughts rising in his head

As the evening presses
The tall street lamps seem to detach
As the bulbs illuminate
Only the upper of their trunks
As the darkness encroaches
A hundred floating orbs amass

And he tilts his head and stares at the passing cars, headlights like sparks spat out of a fire falling onto his face

When he wonders back
He notices a woman ahead of him
He wants to overtake her
So he can turn back to see her face
From behind she reminds him of someone
He had once known but would not see again


2007 - Waiting for Your Life 7' Single (Hooked up)
2008 - Til Its Gone 7' Single (Hooked up)
2009 - 'Labours' LP (Hooked up)
2011 - 'Tresspasses' LP - 1st May Release (Damnably 2011)

Radio play on Leith FM, 'Line Of Best Fit' Podcast, Xtreme East, BBC 6 Music Tom Robinson Show, Damnably Radio, Dandelion Radio.

Set List

Out of Nothing
Made in China
Lost in the Post
Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron