small town

small town


If you like the music that John Mellencamp has provided us with over the last 25 plus years, than Small Town is for you. We don't try to look like John and the band, but we do give the fans the same high enegry performance that they get at a mellencamp show. A must see show for mellencamp fans!


Coming out of central North Carolina, the Harrison's, make up this John Mellencamp tribute band known as Small Town! the band consists of Maxie Harrison and his three son's. Maxie, being a Mellencamp fan since the early 80's, it would only be fitting that his son's would follow the tradition. The boy's have all been playing since the early years of 6 or 7, and as thier showmanship and playing can be seen and heard, they have become seasoned musicians in thier own right. Everyone that attends a small town show, always agree that the music is performed about as close as you can get to a real Mellencamp show. Getting the crowd involved in sing alongs are always a big part of the show. The more fun the crowd has, the more fun we have!

Set List

30 to 40 mellencamp songs per show.
from the early years to date.
we can do a non- stop set, or break them up.