Small Town Anthem

Small Town Anthem

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Small Town Anthem creates songs that shine warm sunlight into your ears. In the short time the band has been around they have accomplished many great things. Recently playing two showcases for capitol records, Small Town Anthem has big plans for the future including touring and a full-length album.


Small Town Anthem creates the sweet songs and sounds that shine warm sunlight into your ears. Their music fills your head and makes the mind your favorite place to be on this big blue planet. Grounded in the good-time sounds of reggae, body-moving feels of funk, lingering tastes of blues licks, all built upon a solid rock foundation, Small Town Anthem brings sunshine to your ears and groove to your feet with a sound all their own. The band was started by twins Sean (bass and vocals) and Shannon (guitar and vocals) Heier in the small Minnesota town of Redwood Falls. Kris Ransom (guitar and vocals) and Ryan House (drums and more drums) were recently thrown into the mix. Kris, Sean, and Shannon all take turns with the vocal mic as well as treating the listener to frequent harmonies. Small Town Anthem released their debut EP, “Feelin’ In Me,” in 2008. This tune, as well as “Make Me Move” has had airplay on several college radio stations, including KMSU (Mankato State) and KVSC (St. Cloud State), as well as Aberdeen, South Dakota’s 94.1 The Rock. They played two Capitol Records showcases, Mankato State’s notorious Halloween Bash, appeared on Twin Cities Worldwide Radio (three times), played the Minnesota State Fair, as well as gigged the local circuit of clubs such as Station 4 and The Fine Line in the Twin Cities. The band has performed on the morning news shows KDLT(NBC) in Sioux Falls as well as KLGR, which is quite impressive, considering none of these gents are “morning men.” Small Town Anthem expects to release their first full length album spring of 2011. Keep your eye on these guys, because they have proven themselves a band to watch. Small Town Anthem is a band to see as well, so check out their website for dates of shows, additional band info, and some moderate stalking.


Feelin' In Me - 2009

Set List

Small Town Anthem - 2010

(45 Minute Set)

1) Make Me Move
2) The Fires Burn
3) Katie
4) The Answer
5) Catchin Some Z's
6) In The Grip
7) Going Home
8) Waiting On Redemption
9) Without You
10) Going Home