Smalltown Mayors

Smalltown Mayors

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Smalltown Mayors bring a straight-forward and honest sound that spans the genre of rock; fusing harmonies and guitar melodies to create unforgettable and powerful hooks.


Meet Smalltown Mayors, a band of singer/songwriters who decided to veto their independent ways, joining together in early 2009. Whether itÂ’s writing songs, singing lead or just picking a set list for the next show, each Mayor lets his voice be heard in this musical democracy. This diplomatic approach creates a refreshing variety for their audience and provides a dynamic experience, leaving everyone wanting to come back for more.

2010 has proven to be a successful year, playing live on TV for 11Alive NBC, as well as featured 5 times on 99X for their Locals Only show. In addition, we have proven ourselves to many venues around town and we frequently are being asked to play available dates.

We look forward to 2011 and seek to play in Southeastern Spring festivals, as well as open for national and regional acts in Atlanta.

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Smalltown Mayors 2010