Smalltown Sleeper

Smalltown Sleeper


Under the radar and ready to jump from small town to world stage. Songs that connect, a singer who draws you in. Listen and discover Small Town Sleeper.


Cornfields, corner stores, and back roads litter the landscape where life is simple, and people still know the value of hard work. Small Town Sleeper, a four-piece rock band from a rural Ohio town, have made it clear that simple lifestyles and genuine values not only inspire their creativity, but also fuel their ambition. By embracing their roots, Troy Brown (lead singer/vocals), Will Greider (Bass), Derek Snowden (lead guitar) and Kele Stanley(Drums) set out to prove that “small town dreams” can and will lead to “big city success.” Due to the band’s raw determination and the interest of New York City Producer/Engineer, Ken Lewis (Soul Asylum, David Byrne, Lenny Kravitz), Small Town Sleeper have found themselves coming closer to their dreams with each passing day.
After only a few short months, the release of Small Town Sleeper’s anticipated debut, “Everyone Ever Told You,” received an overwhelming response. Recorded in Nashville’s legendary “Tracking Room,” the band created an album with an overall feel and quality that can stand up to any major label release. While most albums may be lucky to have one or two unquestionable hits, Small Town Sleeper yields an album with all ten songs competing for the spotlight. With “Whore” receiving the #1 phone response on 105.7 “ The Point” in St. Louis, “Someday” claiming a #4 position on the XM radio unsigned band RADAR Report, and “Three Chord Rock” getting airplay on 101.5 WXSR in Tallahassee Florida, it is apparent that this is an album with depth, and people are taking notice.
Through evident salutes to earlier “song-centered” artists such as Tom Petty, and John Mellencamp, Small Town Sleeper proves that great music is timeless. Using Brown’s vivid storytelling of everyday life and the melting pot of love, loss and luck, they have developed an infectious sound filled with memorable lyrics, and undeniable hooks. Heavy Internet campaigns, explosive performances, and hours of dedication have led to a major grass roots following and global notoriety. Small Town Sleeper is ready to show once and for all that “you make your own luck”.


4-Song EP (released September 2004)
"This Kind of Place"

Debut Album (released June 2003)
"everyone ever told you"
includes tracks spun on National and XM Radio
*"Three Chord Rock"

Acoustic EP (released Feb. 2004)
"A Little Something for the Wait"

Set List

Small Town Sleeper perform an all original electric set. A typical set can range from 1 to 2 hours. When called upon, a longer set can be provided.

Small Town Sleeper can also play an acoustic set of mostly original music with a few covers. This type of set can last up to 3 hours when called upon.