Coby / Smallwhitedoor

Coby / Smallwhitedoor


Upbeat Pop music with a positive message and clean lyrics.


I'm 29. I was born and raised in Texas. I like using music to be positive. I am very professional, and have been writing music for 7 years. I show up early and prepared. I like to warm up my vocals and my mind before performing so that the lyrics and energy flow smoothly. I run and jump around alot on stage and I enjoy interacting with the crowd. I often get down in the pit and sing to them while they dance : ) I love talking to people before and after the show. I'm a big people person. I love performing for everyone from bar crowds, to house parties to family events. I write, and produce all of my music so it's 100% original.


I Love Sushi

Written By: Coby

I'm riding my bike
in the heat of the day
to a new place
called I love sushi

I am on a first date
with a girl that I just met
but she doesn't know my heart's
been stolen by the waitress

Her name is Nessa,
and I met her today
She just came this way from Arizona
She wears a necklace,
a snowflake in july

When she smiles she melts my heart she doesn't even have to try... contd...

I've always loved you

Written By: Coby

I've always loved you
even before
I saw, your face

And now that you're here,
you take me away,
to a special place.

I like you
you like me
and we like each other

I love you
you love me
let's stick together

I want you to know
that you mean so much
so much to me

And if you're feeling down,
I'll cheer you up,
I'll be around

When I look, In your eyes,
I can tell you love me.

There's no need,
to say it,
cause I feel what's in your heart

Let us run, far away, and be together

take my hand, we'll be safe,
in stormy weather.


Coby, self titled
2nd album (in production, title and release date pending)

Set List

Setlist varies upon needs of customer. I'm open to playing twice in the same day, or on two different stages consecutively as I have no "setup". Just a mic check, a stage, and an audience.