We've been called Mazzy Star meets Stereolab with a healthy dose of post-OK Radiohead. It's all rubbish. Smallwire is indiepop for the post-consumer lifestyle.


Years ago, Kristina Dutton (also of Andrew Morgan) and guitarist Basia Wrobel were kicked out of a crappy rock band, mostly for being girls in a boys' game. Smallwire is their revenge, and for fans of lushly arranged, elegantly pressurized pop, revenge is sweet. In fall 2004, they joined forces with Kristin Serafini (also of Mira Mira), Jeff Grubbs, and Tom Shriner (National Tryst), adding edge and range. The result is the energetic melancholia of Death of a Snowflake, their second EP as a five piece—enough to tickle both Smiths, Robert and Elliott, and effect nods to Stereolab and Broken Social Scene.


Pretty For Now EP (2004)
Death of a Snowflake EP (2005)

Set List

Pretty for Now
Blur the Lines
Dodging Traffic
Death of a Snowflake
Not Quite the Same
Option B
Can't Sit Still
A Little Later