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Smart & Cool

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Smart & Cool is the Hip-Hop, Big Beat version of DC & Marvel comic books they are the 808 kick drum 1980's version of Sci-fi movies and cartoons..Smart & Cool is a breath of fresh air to the Hip-Hop community they are in a world of they're own..


Smart and Cool consist of two members Anthony "Skill Drummins" Cone and Cardiair "Marty McCool" Cason hailing from North Carolina Smart & Cool are not your ordinary southern artist. With they're sci-fi and comic book flow they prove to be a new twist on hip-hop. Smart and Cool takes pride in they're 80's influence and displays that in they're songs and image.If your looking for the next level in hip-hop music make Smart and Cool your choice..


Cha-Ching, Rock da Bells 2010, and I got skills

Set List

Cha-Ching, Rock da Bells2010,I got skills, Turning Lane