Smart Money

Smart Money

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Black Money Music is an expression of my eternal gratitude, and gratefulness for the Lord saving me along with the expression of acquired wisdom through song.


My music has a mixture of influences consisting of the inevitable secular influences like Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, D-nice, Das Efx, I would say that these individuals have the most influence on the way I put my songs together pertaining to my flow and little to no influence on the content. They are all versatile in the way they choose to deliver their messages. What sets my music apart from others.... I would have to say that my music attempts to highlight the perspective of life as a christian youth in the world, and addresses the reality that alot of other artists in the genre tend to stray from, while instilling a sense of hope in the listener. My music has an ultimate goal of exposing situations so that believers can know that they are not alone in what they feel or what they go through on a day to day basis. My story is simple not uncommon, I am from Brooklyn, New York born and raised. My parents always took me to church because they grew up in that old southern culture. Though I was there every sunday I was sleep every sunday literally and figuratively. I got pulled into doing the things that every one else would do. Then I went to college and things got all bad. I met a girl who God sent to open my eyes and have been growing in and loving on the Lord ever since.


Wake up- Smart Money produced by Soul Students -Whov 88.1
It's Ok-Smart Money-92.1 VSU
HU Compilation Album