Smart Pants

Smart Pants

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Smarty Pants brings back the pure fun of hip hop with a sound and style for all music fans. The King of Suburbs takes the party or event to the next level. From dance songs with great hooks or rhymes over techno beats , Smarty gets it done with a show that is interactive and fun for all.


Smarty Pants has a different yet unique style that has dj's in hardcore hip hop clubs to house clubs in New York's meat packing district blasting his tracks - It is a Biz Markie meets Ludacris vibe that is uniquely Smarty Pants. Whether he is making fun of himself or rapping about the girl who dumped him because he drove a car with plastic rims, Smarty makes you laugh and dance at the same time. A known artist within the skate and bmx culture of the New York metro area, Smarty Pants has a commercial yet unique appeal.


With underground hits such as ''Leftside Right'' - ''Start Trippin'' and ''The Elmo'' featuring Pow- Smarty is the true working musician- He has toured with Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boys and is in regular rotation New York's city underground radio scene- You can hear him on various mix shows in New York City and satelite radio- Called ''The Biz Markie of today'', he brings what the hip hop culture needs--FUN! Check Smarty Pants on the Kevin Says Stage at the Raceway Park New Jersey leg of the Warped Tour.

Set List

A Smarty Pants show has a typical length of 45 minutes- It can be shortend to accomadate concert or show time frames