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The best kept secret in music



By: Jason Mansavage

Hailing from Minneapolis and sporting a name like SMB, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I put in this CD. To say these guys are quirky would be an understatement. I’ve used the term circus metal in previous reviews, but SMB epitomize the sub genre and manage to interject it with spasms of funk, techno, electronica and a host of other oddities. “The Process of Assimilation” is a mish mash of metal guitars, funky bass lines, kaleidoscopic chaos, blast beats, bleeps and blurts that are sure to please anyone that rides the eccentric carousel of life.

I can honestly say I have never heard a band this original, although they are comparable to similar freaks such as Dog Fashion Disco and probably Mr. Bungle. Vocalist Reverend John Wheeler IV sounds like a multiple personality basket case that manages to flow flawlessly between metal growls, punk barks, manic wails, nasal whines and the screams of a carnival carnivore. Pick this up immediately at: and check out their MP3s and profile at:
- Maximum Ink


Masturbatorium EP - 2000
Fun With Poop - 2001
The Process of Assimilation - 2004
Over 20,000 plays on in under 6 months


Feeling a bit camera shy


SMB fills an entire genre of music by themselves. One that they created and mastered from the ground up. Mixing elements of techno and electronic music with a distinct style of funky, geeky, quirk-rock, and amping it up to a heavy metal level of balls out, in-your-face ferocity. Their message is thought provoking, socially minded, politically malcontent, and certain to delight some and offend others. Their live show is tight, seamless, colorful and filled with explosive energy. One could choose to mosh, and dance, and sing along to the catchy tunes during any given song.
The whole ball of wax has now been captured, polished, and fine tuned on SMBs latest full length album "The Process of Assimilation" (out now on Atomic K Records). Each song a completely different experience from the last, yet the entire record flows together like the mighty Mississippi. It is filled with amazing production while maintaining the bands bizarre intensity. Screaming Monkey Boner's fan base is rapidly expanding, and sooner or later, they will shake the world of music to its very foundation.
SMB's full length album "The Process of Assimilation" was produced and recorded by Karl Micheal Demer who produced Platinum selling Grammy Nominated group The Sounds of Blackness, among others. The album is currently distributed by Atomic K Records.

SMB regularly plays the following cities: Minneapolis MN, Chicago IL, Des Moines and Cedar Falls IA, Madison and Eau Clair WI, Indianapolis and Bloomington IN, Cincinnati OH, Nashville TN, Detroit MI, Atlanta GA, St. Petersburg FL, Kansas City MO, Spartanburg SC and the list is growing.

SMB's song Watch Me Die is to be featured on the upcoming MTV's Jackass video game alongside tracks by Andrew WK, CKY, SUM 41 and more. There will also be a compilation CD that will include all of the artists from the game.

2 SMB songs were featured on NOTES FROM THEE REAL UNDERGROUND. A compilation distributed nationally by Invisible Records.

SMB has opened for many national acts including: RA, American Head Charge, Slitheryn, Graves, The Long Beach Dub All-stars, The Dave Brockie Experience, Dropping Daylight, Dog Fashion Disco.

SMB will be featured on the upcoming Canadian film "Working Class Rockstar".

SMB's music video for "OpinioNation" is slotted for heavy rotation beginning in February 05 on several regional stations in cities including Seattle and New York. Feel free to watch the video on this site.