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The best kept secret in music


"bizarre and darkly comic folk-punk"

"spinning coffee-house renditions of their bizarre and darkly comic folk-punk songs, they harmonized at just the right moments and pushed forward as if they were the wedding band from hell. Chambers in particular made the most of the intimidatingly intimate circumstances singing lines to individual audience members and frequently shifting into an operatic falsetto without a trace of self-consciousness. Sloppy Meateaters are born entertainers and it's encouraging to note that they've entirely bypassed any cheesiness in favor of skewed satire and genuinely quirky and neurotic narratives" - Mike Misiak - performer Mag

"amaze and wow"

The inner liner notes proclaims that a sloppy meateater is defined as a “mammal who escapes the clutches of the southern United States religious idealogy, without infection of the seemingly retarded level of basic human interaction that simmers in the air”. When you combine that with their thought-provoking lyrics and the title of the album and you know that these guys have a lot on their mind. Fortunately for us they choose the indie rock music world as their vehicle for expression. Having made their name by inclusion on that television show Farmclub that kids were all about for about five minutes one year, they signed up with Orange Peal Records and went on to perform some shows with the likes of Eminem, Mya, and MXPX (I couldn’t think up of three different sounding acts for them to play alongside) and then went onto to play on the ’01 Warped Tour. The band continued to amaze and wow audiences and now have their best album to date tucked firmly under their arm as they begin a tour with the first show in Atlanta with Velvet revolver. -

"pop punk or country rock or whatever!"

Sloppy Meateaters feel like a band that's trying to rip their way out of their own collective skin. At their core, they're a Warped Tour-playing pop-punk band that shares the stage with the second-string Blink-182s of the world, but with this album, they seem to be waging some kind of internal battle over what they really want to be as a band. Are they punk? Are they good ol' boys from the wilds of Georgia? Are they dark, mysterious atmospheric rockers? I don't know, and I get the feeling that the Meateaters themselves don't, either.
On songs like "Stop (Snake Mountain)," that internal struggle comes to the fore. For about half the song, the band mines a countrified rawk groove, but halfway through they switch gears and turn it into a full-on hardcore blast...only to stop a second time and dive into a droney, sung-spoken meditation on the nature of existence. Hell, it's like three songs packed into one, with no real clue as to which one they're really aiming for. "The Ballad of Boo Radley (Unwavering Band of Light)" does something similar, again starting off with a stop-start, backwoods kind of country-rock thing but then slowing down at the halfway mark and mutating into a sinister, Jesus & Mary Chain-esque head-nodding groove (which, incidentally, beats the heck out of most what's come before by that point).
The bad part, unfortunately, is that the mixing and matching of styles doesn't always work. When the band changes things up, it's not the most natural shift, but is instead fairly jarring -- in a few spots, the song stops completely, so much so that I have to check to see if I've gone to a different track entirely. Worse still, sometimes it seems like the band's just doing it so they can say they can, not for any reason related to the song. At the end of "Lusting Heavy (Castle Greyskull)," for example, the heavy rock guitars fade out, there's a few seconds of utter silence, and then a delicate, pretty acoustic guitar plays for a few more bars. And why? The song, for all intents and purposes, is done -- why prolong it with something completely unlike the rest of the song, especially after creating such a solid, "finished"-sounding ending?
Given that problem, it's hard for me to say what Sloppy Meateaters should do. I enjoy the dark, death-obsessed Alkaline Trio-isms of songs like "Run Mary Run," "Alone and Wicked," "Lusting Heavy," and "Daywalker" (one of the highlights), and the Far-meets-Jets to Brazil rock of "Truth in Rations" is absolutely the perfect way to close out the album, but at the same time it's nice to see them trying to incorporate different elements and distinguish themselves from relatively generic pop-punk bands like some of their Warped cohorts and labelmates. Whatever they do, I think they're going to have to either pick something and stick with it -- whether it's pop-punk or country-rock or whatever -- or work harder at integrating all the different elements they're trying to use more seamlessly. Up to you, guys. -

"crunching guitars, wailing monolithic vocals and danceable beats"

Sloppy Meateaters have been around for some time now and with a third full length, Conditioned by the Laugh Track, under their belts, the band is poised to either make their mark and enjoy the notoriety of success in the music business, or crash and burn like thousands of bands before them

They better enjoy the ride, because this album is filled with unexpectedly good music. I guarantee that you will dig this album if you are into the whole power-pop-mid 90s grunge-punk grab bag sound. I won't do them the disservice of throwing this band in with the likes of Bowling for Soup, Weezer, or Good Charlotte like others have done, rather I feel that they deserve their own little side genre, because in all honesty their music is different than what is on the market today, while at the same time it does cater to the radio in a quirky danceable way.

With themes running the gamut from abandonment to childhood to touring and politics the band is able to showcase both strong, diverse songwriting as well as their crafty way with words through the tales that unfold during each song.


"The Ballad of Boo Radley", the band's proclaimed single, is a groovy, funky number served up with attitude that you wouldn't expect from a band hailing from Rome, Georgia. While it serves as a good introduction for first time listeners of the band, it certainly doesn't deserve top billing on this album.

"Stop" deserves that title. Wailing vocals, frantic screams, soothing melodies, and a punk rock energy are smashed, twisted and crushed into a preachy anthem rollercoaster ride of a song that will you leave wondering why you hadn't checked the band out in the past.

The 12 other tracks are similar to the first two in the vein of their crunching guitars, wailing monolithic vocals, and danceable beats. 2005 should be a break out year for the band, I'd imagine. If not, well who would be suprised. Kids are really into that whole screamo-women's jeans (Taking Back Sunday / My Chemical Romance) music these days and it's hard for them to recognize music that isn't about wearing makeup and crying about a breakup.

It'd be a shame if they fell through those cracks.

One added bonus to the disc in the enhanced media section. Alright, I think Enhanced portions of CD's are garbage 90 percent of the time, but a music video, nine rare, live "backyard" type performances, along with hundreds of pictures spanning the band's career make this portion actually worthwhile. Think of it as a nice added bonus for hardcore fans of Sloppy Meateaters.

Recommended to fans of: 22 Jacks, Toadies, 90s grunge pop, and Paperback.

Hear It:


"Chemtrails & the universal shuffle" acoustic EP

"conditioned by the laugh track" full length (2005)

"stop living so ugly" acoustic EP (2004)

"under the weather" EP (2003)

"forbidden meat" full length (2001)

"Split CD w/ Napkin" EP (2000)

"shameless self promotion" full length (1999)

other notables:

"Warped Tour Compilation" 2002 - Song "ESCAPE" released by Side One Dummy Records.

"Eat meat cuz it's fun" demo tape (1998)

"Razor Freestyle Scooter" Playstation videogame soundtrack (2 songs) - 2001


Feeling a bit camera shy


forged in the bowells of the southern bible belt, SME began as a pop punk trio in 1999. After seven years, a myriad of UPS and downs, SME has unpredictably evolved into a soulful folkrockpunk acoustic combo with songs and lyrics screeching for inner and outer REVOLUTION. Love, truth, and self actualization to those who still suffer in the illusion of Absolutes! We are FREE in our MOMENT (if we want!). A musical caravan for those on the fringe and beyond.

over the years, we've managed to:

-- released (3) full length CDS & (2) EPS on Orange Peal records.

-- (3) Music Videos.

-- (13) diy self booked US/Canadian tours.

-- a Farmclub TV appearance with Eminem, Destinys Child, and Mxpx. (2000)

-Cover feature July2005 ZERO Magazine. (250,000 print SF/bay area)

--(2) tracks on Sony Playstation video game "razor freestyle scooter" (2000)

--(4) years on doing scattered spots on the Van Warped Tour and (1) song featured on Warped Tour Comp 2002 put out by Side One Dummy Records.

--opened for the likes of :
Velvet Revolver, Hoobastank, 311, Papa Roach, Unwritten Law, Face to Face, Mighyt mighty Bosstones, Dashbord Confessional, New found glory, the ataris, AFI, Bad Religion, Nofx, Rancid, Alien Ant Farm, the Queers, Thrice, Whole Wheat Bread, Cruiserweight, Sum41, Good Charlotte, Brand New, and Saliva.

Several million visits on our website since 1999.

National Distrobution in US/Canada/Japan.

20+thousand total records sold.

400,000+ countable downloads (,,,

Uncountable, Band approved downloads from the pirate world (napster,kazaa,etc)