Free. Love. Truth. Evolution. projecting a positive future for all living beings. We're new wave hippies operating on old school punk DIY foolishness. Tra la La La. Sing SING S I N G!


forged in the bowells of the southern bible belt, SME began as a pop punk trio in 1999. After seven years, a myriad of UPS and downs, SME has unpredictably evolved into a soulful folkrockpunk acoustic combo with songs and lyrics screeching for inner and outer REVOLUTION. Love, truth, and self actualization to those who still suffer in the illusion of Absolutes! We are FREE in our MOMENT (if we want!). A musical caravan for those on the fringe and beyond.

over the years, we've managed to:

-- released (3) full length CDS & (2) EPS on Orange Peal records.

-- (3) Music Videos.

-- (13) diy self booked US/Canadian tours.

-- a Farmclub TV appearance with Eminem, Destinys Child, and Mxpx. (2000)

-Cover feature July2005 ZERO Magazine. (250,000 print SF/bay area)

--(2) tracks on Sony Playstation video game "razor freestyle scooter" (2000)

--(4) years on doing scattered spots on the Van Warped Tour and (1) song featured on Warped Tour Comp 2002 put out by Side One Dummy Records.

--opened for the likes of :
Velvet Revolver, Hoobastank, 311, Papa Roach, Unwritten Law, Face to Face, Mighyt mighty Bosstones, Dashbord Confessional, New found glory, the ataris, AFI, Bad Religion, Nofx, Rancid, Alien Ant Farm, the Queers, Thrice, Whole Wheat Bread, Cruiserweight, Sum41, Good Charlotte, Brand New, and Saliva.

Several million visits on our website since 1999.

National Distrobution in US/Canada/Japan.

20+thousand total records sold.

400,000+ countable downloads (,,,

Uncountable, Band approved downloads from the pirate world (napster,kazaa,etc)



Written By: josh chambers

There's nothing wrong today
but I took them anyway
Serotonin double starts my day

There's something in the air
a chill of despair
Serotonin double starts my day

Whoa - oh – wah - oh
Whoa - oh oh oh oh
Come inside. Make yourself
Deep. Deep. Deep at home.

Not much is going for me
apart my prattle on the rock n roll dream
Delusion of Grandeur. VIP
Kicking pebbles down an old dirt road
Dip my toes into lexapro
Serotonin double starts the show.

Slowly tell 'em where you're coming from
(tell me where you’re coming from)
No existentialistic obstacle that we can't overcome
Come inside and make yourself Deep Deep Deep at home.

Come inside. Lose yourself
Enlightenment from the pharmacist
Flush out the tangible.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

There's nothing wrong today
but I took them anyway
Serotonin double to the grave

so it goes

Written By: josh chambers

Billy Billy unstuck in time
Suffocating this soul of mine
Mass communicate. What could I say?
What could I say? You wouldn't understand me anyway

I don't like how you're running things
but I got no solution

So it goes
claim the alien
Trafalmadorian, turn around love yourself

Wormholes in my odyssey
Reality. There is no absolute reality
I deprogrammed the cultural context
I was born into without my consent

so it goes

Alone and Wicked

Written By: josh chambers

It kills to believe this girl
wants me, to relieve that burning butterfly
deep inside

betty page bangs. oh my god
Hieroglyphics in your eyes
We got a long haul comin’
We got a long haul comin'.

I have betrayed
my soul is ashamed
With pride and honor
be (your) Dan Conner

Alone and wicked (without you)

I will it.
self. you will never find yourself
while your locked inside yourself.
you will never find yourself
you will never you will never you will never

Let the walls inside us fall
Let the past fade and withdraw

Self. We will never find ourselves
While we’re locked inside ourselves
We will never, we will never, we will never

I will it. I will it. I will it.

snake mountain

Written By: josh chambers

This moment. This simple everlasting moment of existence
is the summit of our life. In this moment our reality tunnels
move about in an intricate web of possibilities.
If we can perceive it. We can actualize it.
The more we experience and learn the stronger our belief systems grow
But there is a problem.
Two entities already monopolize the belief system market
Religious institutions, along with political and economic ideologies
violently compete between one another. Each with the goal
of spreading their interpretation of existence as the one true answer
Always question the motives of an institution that so blatantly
uses fear to maintain influence. You know, terrorist attacks and eternal damnation
in a lake of fire. Obviously some are more clever than others.
Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be true
We are limitless under the laws of free will and free thought
Blind faith may appear safe but I would encourage us all
to discover our own distinct vision of existence.
This simple ever lasting moment of existence.
There is no absolute reality. There is no absolute reality.
There is no absolute reality.

unwavering band of light

Written By: josh chambers

Where are the words
that rush my blood
burn burn burn
on the road
without a map
taking the scenic route

This buffalo ain't dead
He only slumbers
One of peculiar taste
and I sleep all day


Written By: josh chambers

slither over expose yourself to me.
who's the swine with the crooked spine
lurching after me.

i'm to old to play the victim
and I'm to smart for this systematic

sitting on the step of the temple of the lord
that the frightened human race
constructed to adore
and explain all these black lesions
on the conscious observation of this realm

unimpressed with the make up of your myth.

but god I don't have a home to
kneel and adore you
no appropriate wardrobe
i am alone.

alone. all alone
seek truth not acceptance
row the boat

count your blessings one by one
stir it up strong and sell it to the flood
they're the ones who are sold and bought
we're the critters in between your thoughts
singing lifes not fair
live unprepared
open to the moment
free of anguish and despair
oh the despair.

we are so happy
seek truth not acceptance

I beg for stars in the city night
i speak to god with a toneless fright.
dear divine what ails my soul?
foolish man only you can know
but goddamn i'm low on time
prideful peasant there is not time

so let it all die.


"Chemtrails & the universal shuffle" acoustic EP

"conditioned by the laugh track" full length (2005)

"stop living so ugly" acoustic EP (2004)

"under the weather" EP (2003)

"forbidden meat" full length (2001)

"Split CD w/ Napkin" EP (2000)

"shameless self promotion" full length (1999)

other notables:

"Warped Tour Compilation" 2002 - Song "ESCAPE" released by Side One Dummy Records.

"Eat meat cuz it's fun" demo tape (1998)

"Razor Freestyle Scooter" Playstation videogame soundtrack (2 songs) - 2001

Set List

We have countless songs to pull from. We usually play as long as we are alotted!

We do some mean beatles covers!