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Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



" (web-zine)"

Remember a female-led hard rock unit called Drill, circa 1996? Smear-Campaign certainly does: they're a female-led hard rock band circa 2003. They also consider themselves to be Renaissance individuals in their own way, with each member of the band drawing on multiple music and artistic influences to create a sound they feel is a little deeper and a lot more individual than your run-of-the-mill five-piece. Worthy aspirations, and considering that the chorus of "Travesty" is stuck in my head 24 hours after listening to it, this bodes well for their future.
They attack with a vengeance ("Freak"), they break it down with greasy aplomb ("A Far Better Place", which also happens to be a comment on abusive men), and they even go the remix route (new versions of "Cold" and "Travesty"), courtesy of their very own mixmaster, DJ Dubcrash. Lead vocalist Maria Aggabao has performed in off-Broadway productions, which accounts for her powerful and theatrical approach. The disc feels cohesive, though a little more experimentation and variety couldn't hurt. In all, the EP holds together and makes me wish it was a tad bit longer -- the purpose of all good EPs, I'd say.
- Justin Kownacki
- Review of Demo CD

"The Aquarian Weekly"

Smear-Campaign has been playing NYC's finest rock stomping grounds: CBGB's, Continental, Don Hill's, Downtime and the Mercury Lounge. With a resume like that, they must be doing something right! After listening to their current record ORANGE HILL, it's plain to see how they are blowing the doors off of such legendary NYC venues. Their hard rock musical style fused with Maria Aggabao's ambient lead vocals throws Smear-Campaign into a league of their own. If you are in the mood for hard rock of the highest caliber without all the screaming, then this band is for you.
-Peter Kakouriotis - August 2004

"New York Waste - Review of ORANGE HILL"

This CD has not left my stereo since the first listening. Intense, passionate, sexy...a unique blend of rock/goth/ethereal/metal fusion. Pure fucking melody with lusty vocals.
- September 2004

"The Aquarian Weekly"

This is one of the best female fronted hard rock bands that I've heard in a while. Singer, Maria Aggabao really packs a punch with her vocal ability, and I think it rocks! I'm really curious to see if Smear-Campaign gets picked up by a label soon because they sound like they have it."
– Tim Louie
Aquarian Weekly

- June 2003

" (web-zine)"

"Maintaining the cold veneer while holding listeners close is no easy task. But Smear-Campaign does it with seeming ease as they coerce their way into your mind. I dig how they intersperse heavier tunes with the more sultry, dark and moody ones that may conjure up the likes of Tool at times."
– J. Sin - May 2003

"Anemic Magazine"

“Frontwoman Maria Aggabao has a voice to die for, while she is backed up with precise samples and subtle sounding guitars. There is no doubt that this act is one of the most underrated underground acts going around and if someone can pick up on them then their hard work could be rewarded. Smear-Campaign is one of the more sustainable female fronted rock bands kicking around the world these days and if they happen to fall in the right hands then big things could well be on the horizon for this diverse-core collective."
– Simon Kirk,
Anemic Magazine, Australia - July 2003

" (web-zine)"

This is a five track self-released EP from this five-piece from NYC. In fact, the release is essentially a top-quality demo. Smear Campaign is fronted by Maria Aggabao and supported by four exceptional musicians. Aggabao has tremendous vocal power and range that could easily take Smear Campaign far; sounding at times not unlike the lead singer of Evanscence. All four songs (the fifth is a remix) move in moderate tempo dark and groove-orientated rock. The songwriting quality, in terms of music, demonstrates that Smear Campaign are serious and talented musicians. Far and away the best track on this release is "Cold," followed by the remix "Cold Moonlight Remix." The remix has some serious Portishead action going on and would likely appeal to fans of that sound. Based on this EP it seems that Smear Campaign have a good road ahead of them and I could really see them going far.
– Brian Fogarty
- June 2003 - Reveiw of Demo CD


“Lush, great sounding tracks with a wide variety of influences...I love the melodic lift. I personally love the sound of this music & the blend of styles this band is trying to accomplish. They succeed admirably, as well as still sounding like themselves...good job!”
-- TAXI.COM review - 2004


SMEAR-CAMPAIGN - 4 song Demo CD - 2002
ORANGE HILL - Full length CD - 2004


On CD :




SMEAR-CAMPAIGN was started in 2001 by Craig Franklin, Danny Murphy and Steve Dorlan who forged a band to challenge, explore and push their musical bounderies. They were soon joined by Maria Aggabao to give their project a "voice" and visual focus. Mike Ferguson (aka DJ Dubcrash) joined later to add more ambience and electronics to their sound. Their music is intense yet intimate, camouflaged by a sultry voice singing about life - complex love, loss, and yearning. . Inspired by a vast collection of artists, SMEAR-CAMPAIGN finds their sound hard to classify. In its simplest terms, they fit into the hard rock mold, but hints of outside influences can also be heard. Words like "ambient, sultry, moody, jazzy, bluesy, and dark" have been used by listeners and critics to describe their music as well. SMEAR-CAMPAIGN emerged onto the New York City music scene playing gigs at CBGB, Continental, Don Hill’s, Downtime, and Mercury Lounge.

SMEAR-CAMPAIGN completed their 4-track EP early in 2002 at Sonic Boom Studios in New Jersey. The songs were produced by Anthony Krizan (SPIN DOCTORS, songwriter for various artists including Lenny Kravitz). They rejoined with Krizan to work on their follow-up full length CD in late 2003.

With a slew of live experience under their belt, and with a new full-length album ready to be released, SMEAR-CAMPAIGN has just begun on their mission to create their brand of complex eclectic hard rock.