Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

SMEAR-CAMPAIGN is a female-fronted Alternative Rock band from the NYC area. Layering complex vocal and instrumental textures, their music is innovative, powerful, and sophisticated with a dark, moody groove. Their sound has been described as "Tool meets Portishead".


SMEAR-CAMPAIGN was started in 2001 by Craig Franklin, Danny Murphy and Steve Dorlan who forged a band to challenge, explore and push their musical bounderies. They were soon joined by Maria Aggabao to give their project a "voice" and visual focus. Mike Ferguson (aka DJ Dubcrash) joined later to add more ambience and electronics to their sound. Their music is intense yet intimate, camouflaged by a sultry voice singing about life - complex love, loss, and yearning. . Inspired by a vast collection of artists, SMEAR-CAMPAIGN finds their sound hard to classify. In its simplest terms, they fit into the hard rock mold, but hints of outside influences can also be heard. Words like "ambient, sultry, moody, jazzy, bluesy, and dark" have been used by listeners and critics to describe their music as well. SMEAR-CAMPAIGN emerged onto the New York City music scene playing gigs at CBGB, Continental, Don Hill’s, Downtime, and Mercury Lounge.

SMEAR-CAMPAIGN completed their 4-track EP early in 2002 at Sonic Boom Studios in New Jersey. The songs were produced by Anthony Krizan (SPIN DOCTORS, songwriter for various artists including Lenny Kravitz). They rejoined with Krizan to work on their follow-up full length CD in late 2003.

With a slew of live experience under their belt, and with a new full-length album ready to be released, SMEAR-CAMPAIGN has just begun on their mission to create their brand of complex eclectic hard rock.


SMEAR-CAMPAIGN - 4 song Demo CD - 2002
ORANGE HILL - Full length CD - 2004


On CD :


Set List

Due to usual club time restraints, we usually play a 45 minute set. Although our aim is to spotlight our original songs, we have been known to pull out a few covers.