Me my guitar and my piano. Im a 13 year old who enjoys singing and writing songs although i'm not the best singer im willing to learn. All the songs i write have a fairly mellow sound to them and sometimes can be a little dark. Every song i write is personal to me and i like to have fun my music!


Everyone can dream, right? Well I dream to make music that people can enjoy. If I lived in a small shack and was barley getting by i wouldn't care so long as i have a guitar or piano near. I want people to be able to relate to my music and appreciate what makes us unique.

I don't have much experience when it comes to songwriting. I play a little bit of piano, guitar, flute, violin and recorder if elementary school music classes count. I was in beginning orchestra in 6th grade but then i was home schooled so i had to drop the violin idea for a little while. I taught myself how to play the piano and guitar and the flute but i just got my flute so i know very, very little.

I listen to a variety of different artist. My favorite band is Paramore and my favorite solo artist is LIGHTS. I also am influenced by Christina Perri, Maria Mena, and Jason Mraz. What sets me apart from other bands? Well i don't care about the money or fame i just want people to hear me out, or at least to relate, i want to make people smile.

At last, i'm from a small town called Lakeland, Florida. I live with my mom. I have been through some hardships but they only made me stronger, although im pretty weak. I am more academic than athletic. I love astromy or just the universe in general. I am a big anime nerd! And i prefer the stars and trees to the city and concrete, I lived in south florida for a couple years...


... i'm utterly undiscovered :'(