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Song Comments:

"Mother" starts off with a coooool chorusy guitar vibe...feels like Black Hole Sun a bit. The vocal comes right in singing the song title which does get to the point lyrically. I can't help but notice how the vocal style is very "Stain'd" like...but as the song progresses I can really hear that Smeer's vocalist has good pipes himself...very dynamic...talented. The band fills it all up and throws it all down very well...great accompaniment for the song. The track sounds like it was produced in a pro studio...sounds good even on an mp3.

Song Notes:

I could recommend really bringing this to the attention of the music industry at-large...especially if there's more quality tracks like this one...this is ready to go. The only cringing feeling I had at all for the song was the song's message. I totally respect the emotion and the sentiment that is being conveyed...but it really is VERY HEAVY...and it could possibly be interpreted as maybe being too heavy for some...a bit strong on the self-pity. The "Smeer" demo should be balanced out with other great tunes that bring out a wider spectrum of emotions...that would surely broaden the bands appeal. Here's some trivia...I know of two other songs called Mother...the first one I heard was from Pink Floyd's The Wall...great song showing the negative affect a mom can have on a boy!!!The second was from a real life cartoon character... Danzig...warning Mothers about eeevil!!! - Joe Bali

"The Fox (105.3 FM)"

I realize that a lot of people read the first part of record reviews and scan over the rest. In case you miss the point of the rest of this review, I’ll put the most important information first : if hard rock is your thing - BUY THIS RECORD !!!! IT IS AS GOOD OR BETTER THAN ANYTHING YOU’LL HEAR THIS YEAR.

Now…for the rest of you that take the time to read reviews from start to finish, I’ll explain why.

It is rare these days to hear a band that (a) displays influences proudly without copying them, (b) understands that songwriting comes first, and (c) can walk the fine line between heavy (or should I say HHEEAAVVYY) and melodic. It is rare on major labels these days, and it is very rare with indie releases. The fact is, if you stuck a major label’s insignia on Smeer’s new album, no one would doubt its validity. The production is stellar, the songs are well constructed and performed, and there’s no scent of low-budget packaging either...the disc, like the band, is the real deal.

HIGHLIGHTS : Loud & Clear kicks in with the best 1-2 punch I’ve heard in a loooong time - What Else Can I Do and Digging. They’re two fairly different songs, but say a lot about the band in 8+ minutes. What Else Can I Do showcases quite an interesting off-rhythm for the verse, and straight-ahead riffage for the chorus, and comes complete with a nice atonal bridge. Well constructed song, but not over the average listener’s head. Digging is more of a “slow-burn” heavy rocker (in the spirit of, but not stealing from, Metallica’s “Sad But True”, although you’ll also hear a slight Tool influence too). After listening to these two opening tracks, right away you realize Smeer are no one-trick ponies…they have range. They even include the acoustic Seeds as the album’s closer. As well, Creepy and Your Time are two examples of songs that would sound at home on rock radio today.

On the flipside, Mother is as emotional and personal as a heavy rock song can/should be ; a song about a dying parent that automatically makes you feel the emotion and frustration. It also spotlights another of Smeer’s strong suits ; lyrics. No “let’s rock all night and day” or “do me baby yeah yeah” stuff here, but no pretension either.

WEAKNESSES : From an album that is SO good, naming a weakness or two is almost getting too picky, but there aren’t many perfect records either. The only thing that stands out is that half the songs begin with a similar tinny/phased effect on the guitar. Where it works very well on What Else Can I Do and Creepy, when you hear it on so many of the song intros, it tends to lose effect. Given the fact that the production on this album is so good, it’s almost a case of trying to over-achieve.

RATING : 9 out of 10….and there aren’t any 10s. This album immediately makes Smeer the unsigned hard-rock band by which all others should be measured. - Tim McKay

"CD Baby"

I have to wonder if this band is ever misspelled as "smear" because
with their grinding, aggressive, agitated and tastefully abrasive
sound, it sure as heck sounds like *something* is being pulverized.
If you like your hard rock/alt metal totally raw with emotion,
unrestrained, loud and artistically violent, Smeer is a band you
don't want to sleep on. Conducive to speeding tickets, causing
inflated senses of personal power and meeting your own personal
held-down, festering angst, "Loud & Clear" is an album that will move
through you and take you over, and like a scrub-brush, will have all
those greasy pockets of "I've-had-enough!" worked out of your system
in one listen. Simply put, if it's powerful, crushing, hard rock you
want, search no more. - Derek Silvers

"Smeer's new album kicks ass."

I was really positively surprised when I finished hearing this CD, the strength and power of this Canadian quartet is just amazing.
This reviewer wonders why they haven’t had any exposure yet, this guys are going to be big!!!

Their label say that they are the Canadian response to bands like Nickelback and Godsmack, in my humble opinion they are light years away from this bands and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of this days Nickelback or Godsmack will be opening Smeer shows.

Playing a very emotional Hard Rock with powerful lyrics Ryan Leclair, Deny Boucher, Bryan Cote and Niall Mellors take you on a journey through their religious social and political beliefs making you questioning your own beliefs.
Don’t expect any stories about how they were abused when they were infants or anything like that, this is not Nu-Metal this is pure, good old fashion rock’n’roll!!!
It as been awhile since I’ve heard an album so full of possible singles, trust me all 11 songs could (should?) have their share of airtime, radio or TV.

Fast passed guitar riffs, great bass work amazing drums and the cherry on top of this cake: Ryan’s voice makes Smeer a diamond yet to be discovered by the world.

The CD starts with the fantastic “Broken” a song that has everything to be a great song to be played live, I can almost see the mosh-pits that will surely start after they start playing this song first chords, without slowing the speed comes “Down”, “I Don’t Mind” and “Snob”.
And then… another surprise “Slipping” a slow song and the intensity of all the emotion that Ryan puts in every Smeer song hits you like a hurricane, this one will make you heart cry like a baby.

Continuing in a slower tone comes “Falling Apart”, “Shame On You” follows a funny yet contagious song about God, also a song where if you still had any doubts about the talent of this four guys, those would just disappeared., followed by another fast song “So Wrong”.
The next song “Seed” I have only one word for it: BEAUTIFUL.
“Here Comes Jesus” and “To Your Sons” are the last songs of this great album, in the first they furiously profess their religious beliefs, and in “To Your Sons” a political statement that many of us subscribe.


1. Broken
2. Down
3. I Don't Mind
4. Snob
5. Slipping
6. Falling Apart
7. Shame On You
8. So Wrong
9. Seed
10.Here Comes Jesus
11.To Your Sons

10 -

"Smeer step it up."

Following quickly on the heels of Lion Music's release of Smeer's debut album earlier this year, the band release the follow up, "Dischord".

Once again these guys come up with another barnstorming, energy driven, high powered stunner, full of aggression and just as importantly, music that portrays naked emotion. Smeer are not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeve; they pick the best bands in the world to emulate from the hard rock genre, those being Nickleback, 3 Doors Down, Nirvana, Creed and Metallica.
The secret of this band is the way they slip effortlessly between in-your-face rock and tender, heartfelt power ballads, e.g. "Down", "I Don't Mind" and "Slipping". Two other tracks which fall deeper into this category are "Seed" and "To Your Sons". The former, with its constant strings, gentle guitar and lyrics reminiscing about moving on and growing up when in actual fact what you left behind is often the important things that are missing in your later years, while the latter, "To Your Sons", is extremely relevant in these years of misguided nationalism. We need to step back from the edge of extinction and move forward up the ladder of enlightenment without fear, intimidation or being indoctrinated.

Songs like these just crop up once or twice a year and the instant you hear them you wish they could be heard by a wider audience, if only the media would pick up on this music more. The important factor about this band is the word consistency, no album fillers here. As with my review of Smeer's debut album, once again I have to mention Ryan Leclair's superb vocals.

Nothing more can be said; miss this band at your peril. A stunning album of 2004, it certainly enters E.P.R.R's. best album category of 2004 from one of the hottest bands on the planet. 100% - European Progressive Rock reviews

"Smeer's new Album"

Yes, oh yes, Smeer belt back with their killer second album full of modern rock and straight forward tracks, its more fuller than the bands debut, which was also excellent and full of Saigon Kick and Alice In Chains influences, just like this album buts its somewhat more powerful and singer Ryan Leclair voice has matured and comes over very strong and full of emotional character much like Eddy Vedder of Pearl Jam's voice, but this no grunge record, this is heavy and full of exciting challenging tracks.

'Broken' kicks the album into gear, this is a furious heavy rocker that has the same vibe as Guns N' Roses 'You Could Be Mine' mixed with Eddie Vedder style vocals and heavy pounding drums aka Metallica, a fantastic song. This edge is continued on the quite brilliant 'Down', there is even a lsight Ozzy edge too the vocals, very powerful modern and melodic. Next up is probably the most diverse track on the album in the shape of 'I Don't Mind', this is a very mature track with superior vocals and a strong atmospheric edge, utterly superb. 'Snob' is fantastic heavy but catchy song that crossed Godsmack with Megadeth, the chorus is brilliant and this would make a perfect single. 'Slipping' is a powerful track with a huge drum sound that jumps out of your speakers, the bass is quite solid and the whole song has a very strong modern but melodic feel, its quite atmospheric and is just a killer track, best song of the album. 'Falling Apart' is full on Pearl Jam and the next song 'Shame on You' is a groovy catchy song more in the vein of Stone Temple Pilots with a funky groove aka Faith No More whereas 'So Wrong' is more gritty and grunge fuelled with plenty of mosh factor aka Alice In Chains that will leave you signing along, another highlight 'Seed' is another diverse track, its simple structure makes it very appealing and could even get itself on radio, this is a strong Pearl Jam based track and its dreamy melodies just captivate you, it has a more melodic structure than Pearl Jam and Ryan's vocals totally shine throughout this track, this is another favourite and is filled with passionate diverse musical arrangements, totally amazing song that should be huge everywhere.

'Here Comes Jesus' is as full rounded moshing song, its ok but nothing special and seems to go thorough the emotions. 'For Your Sons' is a gorgeous song, huge vocals sung with lots of inspiring mood, Ryan is a fantastic singer and miles better than Eddie Vedder, this track grows into a very catchy rocker, good track to finish the album, which really does leave you wanting to hear more from this band.

Its just a shame that are so many fans out there who are not so open minded as us, unfortunate as your missing out on an really exciting album, my advice to Lion Music is this, get Smeer over to Europe and tour them, brilliant record.

85/100 - AOR - Nicky Baldrian

"Great Canadian Rock"

I get scared when I hear bands having any reference to Nickelback and usually fear the worst. Sorry, I think Nickelback sucks and to be honest, the songs they write make me laugh (especially the one about spousal abuse making them look and sound tough--seems they tried really hard to make it look good to garner more fans--"oh, hi, I'm against guys who beat women, so let's make a song about it with a message and make people believe we are pro activists for women." Nice angle anyway..bands like many entities will do anything to get fans, ticket sales or sell their product if the message is as strong as that. I have yet to see any of these morons actually break-up any family disturbance).

Okay, back to Smeer. Nickelback reference? Yes. Do they suck? No. Smeer is much heavier and to be honest, I'd say they are a Godsmack meets Nickelback since we got the bombastic sound; power meets melody with shifty songwriting and excellent vocals. Smeer has six years under their belts and the last four has had the same line-up. That's a big plus when you have cohesion like that to write solid material. The track "Seed" was the first single released off this and it ranked third on the CFAI in New Brunswick, Canada with Evanescence and Audioslave preceding Smeer. Impressive group to be associated with anyway for a new band that no one doesn't know much about (with exception to the Canadiens) and they have more credits to add with music of theirs going on an extreme motorcycle stunt video game.

Smeer, in my opinion are everything Nickelback aren't. No sloppy/cheesy songs making them look or sound tough, alot heavier and more dynamic in the songwriting department. This isn't a Fisher-Priceê soundtrack by any means. Get Smeer-ed. - Smeer (Canada)- "Loud And Clear" (2003/2004 Lion Music)

"The Metal-Observer"

If you are a fan of bands with the commerciality of CREED and NICKELBACK, the angst of ALICE OF CHAINS and SOUNDGARDEN, the guitar riffs of METALLICA and a thoroughly modern approach to their Metal then SMEER could be the band for you.

Joining a raft of bands (NUMBER ONE SON, LOST PROPHETS, ILL NINO) that utilize a heavy de-tuned guitar riff with overtly commercial melodic overtones to get the message across SMEER are not afraid to combine their influences into a sound that is almost perfectly suited for this time an age. Opening with a battering ram of a riff on ‘’What Else Can I Do’’ SMEER are quick at making their point. ‘’Digging’’ follows building from a quiet start to deliver a foot tapping riff, ‘’Mother’’ is quirky and a step down the frantic meter melting into an ALICE IN CHAINS Grunge kind of meandering complete with titanic riff on the chorus. Then up pops ‘’Your Time’’ which for all intents is a great Metal song and the vocals of Ryan Leclair a particular standout and the chorus is a killer. ‘’Condemned’’ is a sure fire hit single with bone jarring riff and catchy hook line. And ‘’Creepy’’ is one for the Metal head in you what with its CORROSION OF CONFORMITY influence.

There’s a lot going on with the SMEER sound. Angst ridden riffs sit side saddle with Heavy Metal posturing all led by the excellent vocals of Leclair. It’s a bewildering brew that SMEER manage to pull off with relative ease. (Online May 29, 2004)

"Reviewed by :"

Album: Loud & Clear
Band : Smeer
Released : 2003

"Smeer originate from Canada and were formed 6 years ago and the current line-up have been together for four years. This album was recorded in 2003 and they have now signed a European deal with Lion Music from Finland who are also to release the bands' follow up CD that will be recorded during the spring and summer of 2004"

This album turned out to be an unexpected, exciting and adrenaline pumping 45mins. This band hit you with energy, power and aggression from the onset and most importantly the vocalist, Ryan Lectair, captures your attention with his strong voice which is full of character. He is without doubt the best hard rock vocalist I have heard since James Hetfield and the virtually unknown lead singer of Revelation Theory, Rich Luzzi.
This album is for everyone who thought Metallica's "St. Anger" was disappointing when comparing it to their "Load" and "Black Album". Smeer's music also resembles Nirvana, 3 Doors Down and Creed and the aforementioned Revelation Theory.
Yes, the in your face numbers could be likened to Metallica but the more tuneful and commercial cuts are more akin to Nirvana and Creed especially on the tracks "Mother", "Condemned" and "My World" when the aggression dips and then builds for the expected explosive choruses. There are also lighter or slightly more commercial moments here but they still don't diminish Smeer's hard rock direction e.g. "Flying Blind", "Afraid" and again "My World". Yes, there is aggression here but the melody is foremost and a constant factor throughout which in turn makes this music immediately accessible yet always unpredictable. Those are the ingredients that are needed for an album to become massive; the melody has to be there without sounding bland and predictable, the rest is down to publicity and air play. Given all that, then this album could dominate not only the hard rock genre but also break into the more lucrative commercial markets. To date, April 2004, this is the hard rock album of the year, it jumps straight into E.P.R.R's. Hall Of Fame. 100%

Released through Lion Music Records. - Reviewed by :


Dischord - 2004
Loud & Clear - 2003
Great White Noise Compilation CD - 2003
ISC 2002 Compilation CD - 2003
Self Titled EP - 2002
Crank It Up EP - 2001

Tracks on Canadian Radio

To Your Sons - (Currently #15)
Down - (Reached #4)
Seed - (Reached #1)
Mother - (Reached #5)
Flying Blind - (Reached # 4)
My World - (Reached # 9)

What Else Can I Do
Your Time

Samples of all tracks available on


Feeling a bit camera shy



How long has Smeer been around?

The band was originally formed approximately 6 years ago and the current line-up has been a cohesive unit for four years.

What's the band best known for?

SMEER is well-known for their incredibly energized live show that takes people completely by surprise - check out the recent live performance review by DJ Tim McKay (the FOX, Fredericton) - "SMEER came out of the gate with full force and never looked back...they literally pinned you against the wall and made you wonder why these guys aren't already HUGE?!!!

What are some of the bands recent achievements?

SMEER have just released their 2nd full length CD “Dischord” and sales in the first month have been great, over 1500 copies sold so far with little promo involved. The first single “DOWN” is now up to #18 on the Top30 chart in NB in only 3 weeks of it entering the chart. Smeer headlined the 2004 Rockfest in Grand Falls NB and sold over 900 tickets for the event, it was the official launch of the new album.

SMEER has received word that "Seed", the third single off their debut CD Loud & Clear, was ranked #3 in the CFAI's (New Brunswick) "Song of the Year 2003" voting. Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life" and Audioslave's "Like a Stone" were the only songs to receive more votes than "Seed"! Pretty good company by any standards!

SMEER has been approached by an extreme motorcycle stunt video group to have SMEER music featured in an upcoming video production. The video is scheduled for a springtime 2004 release - more information to follow.

SMEER's song "MOTHER" earned 2nd place in the world renown International Songwriting Competition competing with over 7000 entrants with the judging panel including Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas, Raine Maida, lead vocalist of Our Lady Peace, as well as record company executives Monte Lipman (President, Universal Records) and Jimmy Bralower (VP A&R, Atlantic Records).

SMEER has signed a European record deal with Lion Music out of Finland that will see not only SMEER's debut CD released and distributed throughout the entire continent but also the follow-up CD that SMEER will be recording during spring 2004 - stay tuned!

SMEER are featured in the January 2004 edition of "Metal Edge Magazine" as part of an ASS-9 Records promotion. SMEER is happy to be affiliated with US label ASS-9 and will continue to foster and enhance their mutual working relationship.

Derek Silvers, the founder of the successful, (a website that sells independent artist CD's) had this to say about SMEER recently - "I love your "Loud & Clear" CD so much I'm going to feature it on the FRONT PAGE of CD Baby for a few days. We're REALLY picky about what goes on the front page. We get about 75 new albums a DAY coming in here now, (about 30,000 total), and yours is one of the best I've ever heard."

SMEER put on an incredibly energized performance during the 2003 Canadian Music Week at the Hard Rock Café in Toronto. Reviewed by Chart Music Magazine music critic Jenny Yuen, "SMEER is progressing well towards world domination" with their refreshing sound that Jenny describes as "Soundgarden meets Metallica meets Nickelback".

A recent live performance review by DJ Tim McKay from the FOX in Fredericton - "SMEER came out of the gate with full force and never looked back...they literally pinned you against the wall and made you wonder why these guys aren't already HUGE?!!!"

Southern Ontario's flagship rock format radio station, 97.7 HTZ FM chose SMEER as one of 15 2002 ROCKSEARCH finalists for the 2nd year in a row!

SMEER is attracting the attention of important music industry players. Recently accepted into and being featured recently as part of April 29th presentation of upcoming, noteworthy bands - they are presently receiving interest from major labels, management and lawyers from around the globe.

SMEER has entered into a licensing agreement with Sencit Music out of the USA that will see SMEER music globally promoted to film, television, internet and other commercial ventures.