Smells Like Green...

Smells Like Green...

 Denton, Texas, USA

Smells Like Green is an alternative rock band that tries to stand out from others incorporating artwork, showmanship and the audience into one fantastic rock and roll movement.


Smells Like Green started in 2007 as a one man alternative/experimental rock project. Several demo tracks were recorded and live band members fluctuated, but the music is still created by the band's founder Nicholas Haddox. After years of practicing and writing a two disc length record "The Suicide Machine Anthems," has been self-distributed to Itunes, Napster, Rhapsody and Zune stores, and Smells Like Green is ready to start playing shows wherever they are available to promote the record, and the followup remix B-side record "Cold, Quiet and Distorted."


The Motivation (Demo 2007)
Taboo (Demo 2008)
A Bitter Blackhole Bitch Remixes (Demo 2008)
The Suicide Machine Anthems (2010)
Cold, Quiet and Distorted (2011)

Set List

Burnt Out Intro
Ad Infinitum
A/S/L with intro speech
Hellfire and Damnation/Dementia
Worthless Millionaires
Mechanical Messiah
Saw the Light
Emergency Room/I Want to Blank the Night Away