Southern Mental Illness
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Southern Mental Illness

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"S.M.I. in Duluth, GA. 9-9-06"

Next up were the boys in S.M.I. A fucking three piece band of all things with the heaviest fucking sound I've heard in a long time. You've got to be good to play this shit live. I'm talking Motorhead is the only three piece band I know of that rocks harder than these guys. That's damn good company. If Crowbar and BLS formed a bastard child - S.M.I. would be that child. Solo work remeniscent of Zakk Wylde and the late, great Dimebag Darrell. Two songs in particular - 'Bow Your Head' and 'Thrown Down' - are true masterworks of metal. Lyrically and musically these are two of the best songs I've heard in a while. These guys don't fucking play around. They definately earned the award for hardest working metal band in the building last night. I'm sure most of you think that 3 piece metal acts are a detriment to the genre, b/c somethings got to be cut out of the equation for it to work right? WRONG. I don't know how they did it, but rythm, solos, bass and drum were ALL present and accounted for. That takes two things - hard work AND a talent. A lot of 4-6 member metal bands, local or national could learn a thing or two from SOUTHERN MENTAL ILLNESS.
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S.M.I.’s demo, a two-song sampler, is an excellent example of what their fans get live every time they play. It‘s loud, fast, tight, and heavy. It features the songs Thrown Down and Forgotten. S.M.I. have been played on WRXR Rock 105.5's Homegrown Show and WAWL Rock 91.5



Southern Mental Illness is a heavy metal band from La Fayette, Georgia. Their sound is a combination of thundering bass, massive beats, blaring guitar solos and an aggressive vocal assault.
The band members are Neil Gilbert on lead guitar and lead vocals, Matt Whiteside on the bass guitar and background vocals, and Pierre Talley on the drums.
The bands creation was a result of collaborations between Gilbert and Whiteside. The band took shape from 1999 to 2001. Southern Mental Illness may have begun in 1999, but the rebirth was undoubtedly the moment Talley became S.M.I.'s drummer in 2005.
S.M.I. leaves an impression on every audience that witnesses their show. The band has welcomed many comparisons to bands like Pantera and Sepultura. The signature of a S.M.I. show is the pummeling pulse and wailing guitar solos. Visually, a S.M.I. show is a straight forward, no flash, take-it-as-it-is declaration of metal energy.
Neil Gilbert, age 30, has been playing the guitar for most of his life and it shows when he goes into his solos. His main guitar influences include Zakk Wylde, Dimebag Darrell, Randy Rhodes, Jake E. Lee, and Tony Iommi. His main vocal influences include Ozzy Osbourne, Phillip Anselmo, and Max Cavelera.
Matt Whiteside, age 28, began playing the bass at age 11. He graduated in 2003 from the University of West Georgia with a degree in music theory and composition. His influences range from metal to classic rock and rap. However, Black Sabbath is Matt’s main influence.
Pierre Talley, age 22, a long time friend of Whiteside and Gilbert joined S.M.I. in 2005. His drumming influences include Pantera, Mudvayne, and Lamb of God. Pierre’s other interests include his twin daughters, and rapping.