Smile Smile

Smile Smile

 Dallas, Texas, USA

Smile Smile's electronic blend of folk and pop fuses melodic piano with powerful guitar overlaying a sultry harmony of female/male vocals.


Blend hauntingly beautiful vocal lines with a modern folk sound, add emotionally bare, intimate lyrics…and the result is Smile Smile. The Dallas duo released their sophomore album, TRUTH ON TAPE, via Kirtland Records on February 9th, 2010. A fitting description of Smile Smile comes from the band’s hometown newspaper Dallas Observer: “A sort of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah/Mazzy Star hybrid of sing-along folk, buzzy-country leaning tunes and uptempo/downtempo swings, with brilliantly unconventional songwriting and smart harmonies anchoring the whole deal.”

Comprised of singer/guitarist Ryan Hamilton and singer/pianist Jencey Hirunrusme, Smile Smile’s music chronicles the personal lives of Hamilton and Hirunrusme, two musicians who fell in love and started a band. The pair released their first album, BLUE ROSES while planning their lives together: they got engaged, shared a home and looked towards the future as a married couple. Along the way infidelity ensued, the dream crumbled and the two ended their relationship, but not their musical ties. The songs on TRUTH ON TAPE detail the heartbreaking end of a union, emotions to which we all can relate.

Singer/pianist Jencey Hirunrusme commented, “The ironic thing about Smile Smile creating this album is that if we would have never broken up, then this album wouldn’t exist. I feel like these songs are hopeful, devastating and so personal to us. I hope that it can reach out and speak to anyone who has had their heart broken…” Singer/guitarist Ryan Hamilton added, “This record is a break-up record. It’s about our break-up. It’s our story and it’s true. We have no intention of being mysterious about what we are to each other or what TRUTH ON TAPE is about.”

Smile Smile has toured in the past with such diverse artists as Mat Kearney, Metric, Loretta Lynn, Simple Plan and Bowling For Soup.

Goes well with: Deathcab for Cutie, Bright Eyes, Mazzy Star, Jenny Lewis, Ben Lee, Ben Kweller, Arcade Fire, Postal Service

Kirtland Records + Sonar Mgmt
2828 Routh St, Suite 500
Dallas, TX 75201

Roggie Baer


Blue Roses
Released May 6, 2008
Kirtland Records

Truth On Tape
Released February 9, 2010
Kirtland Records