smilestyles multimedia

smilestyles multimedia

BandEDMHip Hop

smilestyles multimedia is a small video production outfit featuring world class editing and cutting edge technique in EPK production. we assist artists and agencys in their creative vision for video projects and new media marketing solutions.


what sets us apart from large scale production companies is our individual creative backgrounds, and our meticulous attention to detail.
fouded in 2003, smilestyles multimedia is the child of jonathan smiley. as a recording engineer , he has worked with some of the hottest producers in the industry for artists such as, tag team, busta rhymes, craig mack, lil kim, and many others.

fast forward several years and things evolve.
smilestyles has been working shooting, editing and producing press kits for local and national bands, actors, talent agencys and reality show submission tapes.

several short film awards later (vail film festival 2004, miramax contest 2005) and a client placed in season 4 of the apprentice, we are ready to serve you!