smile thru this

smile thru this


"smile thru this" is an alternative rock band with catchy hooks and pop sensibility who can still rock out. Think switchfoot meets jimmy eat world.


"smile thru this" has been a main stay in the midwest over the past four years, however, 2006 has seen the band explode nationwide. Starting the year off by charting 18th in the country on CMJ radio charts the band went on to get airplay on over 140 stations. The record "anywhere without you" went on to sell out of print twice and was featured on the "vivaldi soundtrack" as well as ABC's "no cover tv" television progrom. The buzz around the band led to tour dates on the "take action" and "sno-core" tours as well as opening up for national acts Hawthorne Heights, Matchbook Romance, The Early November, Houston Calls, Lifehouse, Shinedown, Quietdrive, Further Seems Forever and Thousand Foot Krutch. The follow up EP "life in a rear view mirror" was recorded in Nashville, TN in July of 2006 by producer Nathan Thomas (dashboard confessional, cartel) The band recently finished an extensive fall tour promoting the EP and is back in the studio writing the next full length record which will hit stores on April 27th, 2007. For any other information on the band, please visit our myspace, purevolume or website.


nothing left to lose

Written By: smile thru this

the tragic things that ive heard
and the prayers that went unanswered
well i always knew
i always knew that it would come to this
and i think its all a bad joke
and i try to sing but i choke
and i never thought
i never thought id be in here again

and i am finally
falling down to you
and now there is
nothing left to lose
and this is the
place that we have
come to find ourselves

remember when

Written By: smile thru this

and here you are to sing a song
remember when we felt alive
and i am here to sing along

tuesday morning 3 a.m. you lie
wide awake your all alone
backwards falling
no ones calling you
its all a shame
its all the same

and you dont understand
yourself sometimes
its hard enough
when your alone
when try as you may
you just cant play on
its all okay
its all okay


Written By: smile thru this

your photographs are black and white
they sit inside the picture frames in my mind
these thoughts of you are all i have
to make it thru these lonely nights when your gone

and i dont notice anything at all
when clarity is all i need
than all i need is you
and i cant take this
its tearing me apart
anywhere without you there
is missing so much more


smile thru this - Volume Three (2004)
smile thru this - Anywhere Without You (2005)
smile thru this - Life in a rear view mirror (2006)
smile thru this - (the new album - April 27th, 2007)

Set List

a normal set ranges from 30-40 minutes (shorter or longer if necessary) and consists entirely of original music (covers are rare and usually only for special events) - see below for a set list

Smile Thru This - Set List
1. Home
2. The one you save
3. Clarity
4. Nothing Left To Lose
5. Remember When
6. Come Down
7. East Coast Lies
8. Sooner or Later
9. Better Off Alone
10. Falling