Bremerton, Washington, USA
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Smiley-D has been a very versatile name in my career as a hardcore hustler rapper to a positive uplifting artist. My sound is very energetic and street but can also sound calm and laid back depending on the beat. This style is inspired by who I am, laid back and calm but can be very bold and aggressive when needed.


Darrell Thomas also known as Smiley-D was born on March 9th 1988 in Oklahoma City, OK. When he was 12 years old he moved with his mother and sisters to Bremerton, WA, where he finished high school. Smiley-D started rapping at the age of 12 by recording on cassette tapes and freestyling at parties. He began pursuing his rap career at the age of 17 while being influenced by hip hop artists and the street life. He chose O.G. gang members and thugs as his role models and adopted the streets as his family and chose the street life as his way of living. At the age of 18 in the year 2006, Smiley-D moved back to Oklahoma City to take his rap career more serious and started hitting the streets hard with demos, flyers, and word of mouth. He started shooting music videos later in his career putting them on Youtube and World Star Hip Hop, linking up with artists such as Philthy Rich, T-Nutty, Stevie Joe, Sha Sha Jones, etc. He was under the management of Nuchie (manager of Mac Dre, Keak Da Sneak, Yuk Mouth, etc) in early 2011. This was the breaking point of Smiley-D's music career, seeing the consequences from the lifestyle he was living his life took a turn and he learned that the foundation of hip hop was to educate so he tweaked his message in his music and started doing good for the community. 


Heal The Pain

Written By: Smiley-D

Yeah, Smiley-D, Real Life Motives, Yeah

Hey. Hey People spend their lives tryin' to become the best
I was always told not to settle for something less
Honestly I'm content with life because I'm blessed
And the reason I rap and write is to relieve bunch of stress
You either gonna love or hate this here
No need to wonder why I take this there
Won't stumble on a word Ima make this clear
Don't live my life to imitate my peers
A lot of people in this world that ain't sincere
Instead of loving you quick to take this spear
Stab you in the back as the fakeness smears
Now listen up close as I say this here yeah,

People think Im in this thang just to entertain
But I can care less bout what comes with the fame
I let His glory reign I no longer live in shame
Cause at the top of my lungs I'm yellin heal the pain
Hey yeah Lord heal the pain
Yeah hey Lord heal the pain
I let His glory reign I no longer live in shame
Cause at the top of my lungs I'm yellin heal the pain

I can really see hatin actions is consecutive
Talk so negative but don't just wanna let you live
Seem so fake hey am I in a dream?
I'm just tryin to communicate all the things I've learned and seen
Hey my voice is heard
The boy's obsurd
Destroy some nerves
Enjoy the curbs
Deploy the birds
To the streets this life is real annoys the nerds
Who chose to learn
Avoids the herds
Of people who talk with noisy words
But don't be scurred (Scared)
The moments hurr (Here)
In reality nobody currs (Cares)
About what you think
They'll just let you sink
Piss on your dreams
Then say you stink
Talk behind ya back, soon as you blink
Just let you shrink
Appear to be heartless
Which tend to happen when your friends with the darkness
But you can't let that stop you from marchin
Towards the goal
Its more than gold
No more holds to score the goals
I'm surely bold
To make sure the greatest story ever is told



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