SMILIN LIAR is heavy and energetic...not a show to be missed.


With a sound that is both feral and heavy, Smilin Liar is quickly establishing itself in the Rock / Metal scene. Hot off this success from their last album, Smilin Liar is eager to show the world their latest release, “Shotgun Melodies”. The band’s intense performance style and energetic stage presence has already landed them opening spots for such national acts as Papa Roach, Saliva, Dead Poetic, Project 86, Blindside, Flyleaf, 36 Crazyfists and more. Smilin Liar’s previous album, “So Mrs. Kennedy, How Was the Drive”, not only received nationwide acceptance from countless college radio stations but also helped the band make a major TV debut when it was featured on MTV’s Road Rules: The Inferno, and Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club.
In the new album “Shotgun Melodies”, the band has delved deeper into their southern metal influences while still keeping the brutally honest style that they are known for. The delivery is straight forward with no gimmicks and no filler. Smilin Liar shows the world that you can still have good time rock n’ roll and be unabashedly heavy at the same time. “Shotgun Melodies” is definitely the band’s proudest moment to date.


Shotgun Melodies (2007)
So, Mrs. Kennedy, How Was The Drive? (2006)
Loaded Language (2003)

Set List

Set List:
30-55 minutes
Sailing The Ashes Of The Music Industry
You Get What You Came For
Close Your Eyes
White Lie
My Heart Upon The Killing Floor
Black Is The New Blonde
Blood From The Stone
Embrace The Impact
Something Else