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Reseda, California, United States | SELF

Reseda, California, United States | SELF
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Vologda, Not Applicable, Russia

Vologda, Not Applicable, Russia


Sherman Oaks, California, USA

Sherman Oaks, California, USA


Sherman Oaks, California, USA

Sherman Oaks, California, USA

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I know, I know… To always cry, “Wolf! Wolf!” is eventually not to be believed.
Although this time we need to etch him out of the underground den where only we journalists have access.
This band (SMIRNOV) is not bad and might as well already be on MTV. Somehow it didn’t do it yet. But when that day comes (because sooner or later it will come), we’ll say with intelligent arrogance, “We told you so!”
Ivan Smirnov is Russian. And that already tells us how much time has passed since the collapse of the Berlin wall. His music is energetic rock. It is dynamic, melodic, diverse, punk, alternative, and sometimes danceable. In one word, it’s extremely modern.
That explains why a producer like Robb Vallier (who already worked with Bon Jovi, Eurorythmics and McCartney) is involved in this project.
Well, by purchasing this CD you can gain the following advantages - amuse your friends at the traffic light by rocking out with your car radio, show your taste for the unknown and make some chick believe that you are a romantic, deep down in your heart. Why not? Isn’t that how you amuse yourself from time to time?
Smirnov’s studio work can be described as an international version of our Negroamaro meets Robbie Valentine.
Unfortunately, the Live Video CD lacks in audio quality compared to the studio version. It’s clear how much work has been done on production, instrumentation and vocal arrangement. But what interests us? We’re interested in the compact disc, because it’s unlikely that we will go to Russia… not even in August!

Translated from Italian.
Original version @

The Album received the highest score (9 out of 10) among new rock releases on the site.


Earthling rock with Russian roots, straight from L.A. with a debut album produced by a well known name in the business. Robb Vallier (Bon Jovi, P. McCartney and Eurythmics) was already involved in the demo’s of this Russian youngster and also responsible for the first full length album. This music could, as suspected with this man behind the wheel, actually appeal to a broad audience in the alternative rock scene. The sound is clear and transparent, the melody lines are catchy, but still as a whole it is a bit unusual to say the least.

The additional cello and the mix of Elton John meets Muse can be seen as musical creativity by some listeners. Still the combination of poppy musical-like atmospheres and indie rock can also feel overdone and not sincere. Maybe this feeling can be fueled by the over the top, curious vocals of front man Ivan Smirnov. A typical case of “love it or hate it”, because this voice is far from average. Finally, something that needs to be mentioned is the excellent packaging; the artwork of the booklet and inlay is very appealing, and the cd looks like an old fashioned vinyl record. - Lords of Metal

"SMIRNOV is what rock'n'roll is all about!.."

Bill Locey - VC Star (Ventura County, CA USA)

“Privet Earth!”
Genre: ROCK
Independent Release

This eclectic disk has quite a lot of different quirky influences. It’s at times a bit too jumpy to make it really settle, but it does have its good points. “Privet Earth” is diverse alternative rock, so it comes as no surprise that the nearest comparison here is Faith No More. Singer Ivan Smirnov sometimes sounds very close to Mike Patton but he, like the band’s music, jumps from style to style – from deeper crooning to a lighter moan and it does not always work to the band’s advantage.
Luckily, it more often works well and the band do have some songwriting chops. The indie rock may not work for most metal heads but the poppy punk of songs like “She Dreams Big” should be enough to draw interest from anyone with interest in the above mentioned band or that style in general. It’s not for everyone so if kookiness mixed in with some big ballads doesn’t flick your switch, then stay away.

Mirca Gazic
- POWERPLAY - April 2010 - Issue 119

Straight out of California and Russia come SMIRNOV. Their defining feature is the bizarre vocals of frontman Ivan Smirnov. He reaches notes only dogs can hear, impressively high pitched. But these high notes seem randomly dotted around the songs. “A Phuken Angel” starts off with the peculiar tones. It’s quite poppy, the melody is catchy. “The Saddest Boy In The World” is slow, but the melancholy effect that the band is trying to portray doesn’t quite fit with the vast amount of energy they resonate. If it weren’t for their energy their style would fall apart. They are clearly passionate about what they’re doing. ‘Big City” opens with an electronic beat, which is repeated throughout the song. It’s predominantly indie-rock, but incredibly flamboyant. The indie sounds don’t really set them apart. SMIRNOV are unique in other ways, especially the insane singings of Ivan Smirnov.

Sarah Collins (Black velvet)

- Black Velvet

The first time I listened “Privet Earth!” by Smirnov I thought to myself, “What is this? 1989? This Rock style went out 20 years ago.” I promptly set the disc down and moved on with my life. About four or five hours later I put the cd back on and tried again, I am a professional after all and the world needs my opinions. The second time around I thought to myself, “Who is singing? It sounds like Mike Patton from Faith No More and that guy from the 80’s hair band Jackal got together with Alexander Ovechkin and had a love child that they immediately decided to start beating. “Not bad”, I thought to myself as I turned it off again and went on with my life. That’s when something weird happened. I was drawn back to it like a moth to a flame. I turned it on for the 3rd time and thought, “This guys got something here. This actually is great. Phuk yeah!” I didn’t hear it the first time. That magic, that entertaining showmanship that somehow comes across without ever seeing his face. Ivan Smirnov has something that makes you believe he is the savoir of rock music.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m not sure how it happened but I’m ready to elect Ivan Smirnov for President. If he ever puts together a cult I’ll be the first in line as long as he is giving me new music. He and his album Privet Earth! are like cigarettes. I, being a former smoker, will describe it to you non-smokers like this. Your first drag from a cigarette is odd and the taste you have in you mouth afterwards is comparable to having licked the floor of your local tavern. Still for some reason, be it hours or days, you have another one, it tastes a little better. Soon you find yourself ready to harvest the kidneys of your sleeping friend in order to get money for another pack. Privet Earth! is your new habit. It’s more fun than any Rock album has been in a long time. It’s as if Ivan has, in his Russian genius, invented a time machine and went back through rock history and took a masters course in writing music that’s layered with genius and lyrics that are like riddles in which words are missing and there is a wonderful disconnect between lines. The great thing about good song lyrics is that they rarely spell out where they are going; think Steven Tyler and Axl Rose. Great song lyrics are like surprise party guests and shouldn’t reveal themselves too soon or else the build up is lost.

The music on Privet Earth! is great Modern Rock with a dose of Hard Rock that makes it damn near irresistible like a donut to a fat man with a sweet tooth. Ivan’s vocals are unreal. True rock singers don’t come along very often. The Steven Tyler’s, Axl Rose’s, and David Bowie’s of this world have something that sets them apart from the rest of the pack. Whatever that something is be it style, attitude, or the voice itself, Ivan has it. He seamlessly goes from a nice Rock vocal to a wail that could melt polar ice caps to a falsetto that is cotton candy for the ears. There are people who are born to rock and Smirnov is in that exclusive club.

His Album Privet Earth! combines all of his influences which, as he told me via facebook emails, include The Beatles, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, and Elton John to the late 80’s great rock vocalist like Axl Rose. He also sited the creativity of Sting and the influence of current bands like Muse and Phoenix. He lovingly puts all these sounds into his big Russian blender and pours out a complete album of way above average Rock for you to drink down with a hearty smile and a refreshing AHHH. The songs, which were all written by Ivan, feature him on piano, guitar and of course vocals. He is helped greatly on his journey to rock god status by Mike Fix on drums, Rob Vallier on bass, and Tina Guo on cello. The music they create is the perfect mixture of the best elements of rock music past, present, and future. Songs like “A Phuken’ Angel” grab a hold of you and remind you that rock is supposed to be fast and fun! While the slow build of “Le Matin Dans Bordeax”, which features just vocal, piano, and a cello, shows you how beautiful it can be when someone who has a great voice sings his ass off. “Big City” is more infectious than crabs in a college frat house. “Rebelz” gets stuck in your head like a tattoo on your brain as it features every instrument turned up to Spinal Taps legendary “11” as they whip through one of the best songs on the album. Each song is like a planet rotating on its own axis around Ivan in the galaxy Privet Earth.

After listening to the album for the tenth time I am left though with one great question. Is Ivan Smirnov the lucky cavemen who accidently discovered fire or is he the pure genius of Albert Einstein with his Theory of Relativity? I can’t believe that someone could put together an album this good by chance. The “monkeys with typewriters creating a great novel” idea doesn’t work here. With the aid of legendary producer Rob Vallier (Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney, and the Eurythmics) he creates fire to move the world of Rock forward into the next generation. Let’s face facts; you have to be driven like a crazy man to move 12,000 miles from home, St. Petersburg, Russia, to Los Angles in hopes of fulfilling your dream of becoming a rock star. In his bio Ivan talks about being homeless in front of McDonalds in Burbank with only his guitar. Anyone who can survive that and still want to pursue there dream must be a bit off balance which, as we have learned thought the study of musical history is one of the great qualities of amazing musicians.

Rock bands should always remember it’s about the music but, it is also about the personalities that bring you the music. Kick ass Rock brought to you by a bunch of uninteresting librarians isn’t fun. There needs be an element of rock music that should be fun and outlandish with an even mixture of over the top attitude and style that makes it a less Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and more Willy Wonka’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Simply said, Smirnov deserves your attention. He has released an album that easily exceeds the standard of rock today let alone the standard of unsigned rock today. Listen now so you can say you knew him when…

Hot Tracks- Rebelz, Le Matin dans Bordeaux, Privet Earth!/ 12,000 miles

Doug Morrissey- Staff

July 18, 2010

© - Muzik Reviews (USA) Author: Doug Morrissey. Date: 07/18/2010

SMIRNOV’s story is a story to tell!
“Typical Russian wonder!” That’s what the local newspapers say about Ivan Smirnov and his new project SMIRNOV as a result of an incredible journey from the winters of Russia to the center of L.A. music scene. All the best that is in mainstream rock right now, is in SMIRNOV! Fast explosive tracks, powerful ballads, catchy tunes, drama and drive designed to reach millions – all that is Ivan’s music, as colorful as his own life.
Born in Saint Petersburg and raised in a small city a few hundred miles from Moscow, Ivan was heavily influenced by the American/British rock scene and started writing his own material in English at the age of 8. While studying classical piano, Ivan also picked up the guitar and by the age of 19 he had an independent self-produced album under his belt. Going international was always his dream. This dream finally drove him to pursue his career nowhere else, but the entertainment capitol of the world – Los Angeles! His friends thought that this penniless 19 year old student was just joking. But after twelve thousand miles and obstacles Ivan finally made it to Hollywood! His explosive performances, unique vocal style and enormous talent quickly gained this Russian wonder respect among fellow musicians. Soon Ivan was approached by J.O.T.S. Productions who assembled a powerful band behind him and produced his demo EP. A new face of rock has emerged! With kick-ass shows at top Hollywood clubs (The Derby, Viper room, The Cat club, The GIG etc), dedicated fans in different parts of the planet, songs played on many independent radio stations and broadcasted all over the world, SMIRNOV is ready for SUCCESS!

- August 2007 - A'nR 27th Issue (Australian Music Marketing Abroad)

According to sport coaches, this man could be a great soccer player. Not so long ago, he almost became a student of geography faculty,
but a Lucky Star led him in another direction and now Ivan is a third-year student at the faculty of Russian Language, Literature and foreign languages at the teacher-training college in Vologda. He is a musician and a poet, a singer/songwriter and he’s certain that music is his calling.

He is that sort of human being who just cannot stay in one spot and always needs to move on. He doesn’t want an average life – he wants to live fully! Ivan is a very productive person (his song/poetry materials take hundreds and hundreds of pages).

Ivan today is a winner of many Regional and National contests of young singer/songwriters. Music and show business for him are the basements for his future.

Ivan possesses great piano and guitar skills and is an incredible singer. His aim is to make a song easy to understand but in the same time deep and sophisticated. Ivan defines his style as “pop-rock”, or as he calls it, “hard-pop”. This is a mixture of ‘Main Stream’ music (not a cheap pop), and a hard-rock classic. Ivan gives his own definition of ‘Main Stream’ music: “This is a simplified classical tune, a sound flowing out of your soul, a music of high quality and huge audience”. Ivan gets his usual inspiration from the Kings of Rock, such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd etc…

As a creative being, Ivan is very sensitive to everything happening around him. He was very affected by 9/11 in the USA, and later on he has written a whole cycle of songs in touch with that tragic event. “I felt very sorry for the people who died for nothing” says Ivan describing the main song of the cycle, “To Americans”. The young musician also writes sarcastic songs about the Russian show business. The main characters of his creations are, “the fake stars” who become famous because of their big papa’s money and connections.

Also, as I said before, Ivan is fond of literature. He writes mostly not for the public, but for the sake of it. His poetries are the anthems of love for a female higher being that he’s trying to reach for. Also the young writer tries himself in prose. Here he’s describing human’s sub-conscience, using a psychological approach to reality. He’s exploring social issues such as a complicated relationship between different social classes. A love drama caused by different social backgrounds of the characters is the center of his new novel, “THE OTHER SIDE”. For now there is only one half of the novel written, but it is going to be completed soon. The author himself describes the novel as, “a creation in the good traditions of Russian classical novel with hazy fibula”.

Ivan always keeps himself in good shape. To do a lot of push-ups or lift-ups for him is not a big problem. “Sport gives me strength, freshens up my brain, helps me get rid of my frustrations and get inspiration”.

In the near future, Ivan is planning to release his own album and complete “The Other Side”.

It’s a bit silly to wish people like Ivan luck in their creative work. I think it’s better to wish Ivan to inspire more and more people with his art!

- September 26, 2002. Vezdehod (Russian newspaper). Author/Interviewer: Sasha Sokolov

We all get old. Childhood fades away taking that ability to dream out of our minds. But the dream, “that invisible neighbour to reality”, still remains somewhere by our side. His friends, peers or just passer-bys on the street, who eventually surrounded that young guy from Vologda, ‘Ivan Smirnov’, in his day to day life have already become adults, let that piece of childish fade away and never noticed that this man near by had his own life, his ups and downs, but in spite it all, he still kept that sacred believe in wonder inside himself. And one day he proved to everybody, that dream is not just a word.

It all started back in childhood. Back then he first realized that music was his calling, his religion. Desire gives birth to motion: day by day, year by year, his hands were becoming more skillful and turning into those of a great musician. The hazy melodies in his head were slowly turning into songs.

Being extremely productive, improvising on the piano and the guitar for around six hours a day, he at 19 years of age, had over 300 songs of his own. The rest of his time, Ivan dedicated to ‘Poetry and Prose’. Yes, you might say that everybody has some kind of hobby or leisure, but not in Ivan’s case. Having been a musician from “GOD”, he always sensed that his art was coming out of the frames of a simple hobby. That his music was able to bring its joy not only to his friends, his hometown, or his country, but to the Whole World!!!!

Ivan took part in many Regional and National music contests and won quite a few of them. In December of 2002, he had his ‘SOLO’ show, in a concert hall of the Vologda’s Teacher Training Collage. But that wasn’t enough. So one day he finally decided that he was going to conquer the ‘World’s show business’. It’s easy to decide, but not easy to accomplish. Not only that ‘Real Talent’ was one of Ivan’s qualities, but the endless courage. Having plenty of both, he decided to make it to L.A. Needless to say, it was hard enough. Six months of hard work on a few jobs, helped him collect the money for his trip to the US, and while doing that, Ivan recorded his debut promo album “J.L. White”. This demo contains 8 songs, all written in the spirit of the Main Stream.

Finally, Ivan was accepted into the CCUSA camp program, and was put into one of the camps located in Iowa, as a house keeping staff member. In the late summer our brave student arrived in LA not having anybody there to meet him or give him shelter. He checked in to one of the hostels in Hollywood, where he met a lot of fellow musicians who also went there from all over the World to pursue their dreams. It took him only 10 days(!!!), to get free studio time in ‘Blacklight Productions’, a young company who became interested in his work. That was almost a dream come true. But not everything went so good. Money was coming to an end and Ivan had no place to stay. He was drifting from one hostel to another, sleeping on the mattress of the garage of his new friend James. And even then, his lucky star was shinning bright. Ivan was accepted into the LA Talent Academy Program, set but by the Theatre of Arts. It gave the young talent, the biggest opportunity he ever had in his life, and to refuse would have been the biggest crime for him. Mind blowing perspectives opened wide before our land mate. Needless to say, that the founder of the Academy has introduced Christina Aguilera to the world, and was keen on developing a new big talent.

The problem was, to be finally accepted into the singing workshop, Ivan had to pay tuition which to him was a lot of money. Ivan was trying to get jobs, ask relatives and friends for help, was literally starving himself to put some money together. Now Ivan’s been attending an 8 week workshop at the LA Talent Academy and will be seen in the finals. By the way Ivan Smirnov is the first Russian to be accepted into this program. ‘You must agree, there is a reason to be proud’!!!!

- Dec. 10th, 2003. Vezdehod (Russian Newspaper). Author: Anton Chorny

Now he is one of the finalists at the “L.A. Talent” set up by Hollywood “Theatre of Arts” and soon, luckily, will take part in the big show that will be held at M.I. in the heart of Hollywood. These kinds of shows, gave a break to the huge stars like Christina Aguilera and the others.

His friends from Russia are now joking about the producers playing around with his Russian roots and that, for example, one day we’ll all see our land-mate on MTV with Russian folk rag-shoes and balalaika.

Our land-mate is, Ivan Smirnov, the ex-student of the Vologda’s Teacher-Training College. But let’s see what was happening back then. Just a year ago. Imagine the old brick building of the University in Vologda. In one of the long halls you might notice this young cute guy with sophisticated and a bit tragic look in his eyes, wearing his “Adidas” jacket. He’s on sick-leave and came to visit his friends. He says that his soul doesn’t belong to Russia, that he should have been born in the U.S., that he wants to play Country Rock, and that American Culture is very close to him. He writes songs on the guitar about “Storms in February” but sings mostly in English. He says he wants to go to U.S.A. I laugh and think that he’s too naïve and over confident in himself and I just tell him “go Ivan, your are long awaited there”.

He says his talent is sent from God and music is his calling. He dreams of conquering the world’s show business. Someone says to him, “Ivan don’t sell your God-given treasure!”

He writes music, real high quality music. Hours, days, he spends practicing his skill by the piano. He also writes poetry and prose, but calls it “Just playing around”.

Many loved him, but it wasn’t enough for him. He wanted all the world to see him shine. Some got hurt, some supported him because they believed in him and Ivan believed in wonder: the world will hear him sing and his wild dreams will come true.

Ivan was working and earning money for a work travel to USA. Friends and relatives were helping him to the best of their abilities.

Right before his departure, Ivan completed his debut demo album “J.L. White”. It contains songs written in the spirit of pop and rock, played with good technique and armed with beautiful melodies. I though it sounded like another pop band. People who never heard Ivan play live usually used to say: Is it “Smokie”? or “Is it U2”?

In half a year, Ivan flew to America, having left everybody with mouths wide open. He worked in a resident camp, got his salary and in the late summer arrived in L.A. In only 10 days, he found a young music label “Blacklight Entertainment”, who decided to give this young talent free studio time! But in the meantime, Ivan had problems with accommodation and money and had to sell his CD’s on the streets of L.A.

It was back then that casting for L.A. Talent Academy took place in Hollywood. Once he was selected, he had to pay a big amount of money as a tuition. He immediately called up all his friends and relatives and they didn’t let him down. Whilst studying in the academy he was trying to survive on a day to day basis.

Ivan is dreaming about a big career in ‘show business’. Some sort of a sex symbol from Russia, in his glamouring tight pants.

If Ivan’s dream comes true, I hope we’ll never say to him, “why have you become a cheap God, you could be a great musician?”

- January 6th, 2004 - Russkiy Sever (Russian Newspaper). Author: Anastasia Narodnaya

Ivan Smirnov, a second year student of the Vologda’s Teacher Training College, like other citizens of our country, was shocked by the tragic events that took place on 9/11 in New York. Ivan, a fan of John Lennon, wrote a song.

Here is the text of the song.

To Americans

The breath of New York’s
Full of dust
CNN talks to the last victims.
(thousands are buried here)
It’s raining this day, in every home
It’s smoking this day, streets are all alone.

Annihilate is not our way
World is a blade we gotta save and care of
World is so rich and I guess
Someday we’ll reach happiness and share it.

The Author decided to dedicate this song to the American Nation. Not so long ago, he completed the recording of the song and has sent it by email to the American Channel CNN. The song contains not only a message of support to Americans, but a message of ‘Peace’ to all the world. After the war in Afghanistan, politics created a new concept, the concept of the III World War. The message Ivan sent to America, is to keep it up, be strong in the war against terrorism and Bin Laden, and try to prevent another World War. This is a song of support and with the same old refrain to, “Give Peace A Chance”.

Ivan is hoping that this song also can be heard on the regional music contest “Osenniy Zvezdopad (Autumn Star-fall)”, which is usually held at the end of October. Ivan is also hoping to get a reply on his song from America.

As for me, I dare to ask myself: “Has anybody ever dedicated a song to us ‘Russians’?

- November 15, 2001 - Vologodskie Novosti (Russian Newspaper). Author: Sasha Sokolov


J.L.White (2003)

SMIRNOV EP (2006-2007)

PRIVET EARTH! (2009) - American debut album




SMIRNOV’s story is a story to tell!
“Typical Russian wonder!” That’s what Russian journalists say about Ivan Smirnov and his new project SMIRNOV as a result of an incredible journey from the winters of Russia to the center of L.A. music scene.

Year 2009. SMIRNOV has recently finished recording his American debut album "PRIVET EARTH!" with a Grammy-nominated producer Robb Vallier ( Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory”, P. McCartney, Eurythmics, Whaling souls etc) and has just finished shooting a video for his first single "A Phuken Angel"...

Born in Saint Petersburg and raised in a small city of Vologda a few hundred miles from Moscow, Ivan was heavily influenced by the American/British rock scene and started writing his own material in English at the age of 8. While studying classical piano, Ivan also picked up the guitar and by the age of 19 he had an independent self-produced album under his belt. Going international was always his dream. This dream finally drove him to pursue his career nowhere else, but the entertainment capitol of the world – Los Angeles! His friends thought that this penniless 19 year old student was just joking... But just a few years ago, after twelve thousand miles and obstacles Ivan finally made it to Hollywood!
“The struggle was unbelievable!”, remembers Ivan, “One day I even found myself homeless sitting in front of a McDonalds in Burbank with the only thing I owned – my guitar” But he didn’t give up. His explosive performances, unique vocal style and enormous talent quickly gained this Russian wonder respect among everyone who heard his music. With kick-ass shows at top Hollywood clubs and dedicated fans in different parts of the planet, SMIRNOV is ready for SUCCESS!


"Privet Earth!" receives an unbelievable "5 star" review on Muzik Reviews (USA). Check it out!!!

SMIRNOV was featured along side Kate Nash and Band of Horses on "I Love Locey (Rock'n'roll Call)" program on Studio 805 News (VC Star).

"Privet earth!" has already made some buzz in Europe and was written about in Netherlands (Lords of Metal), England (Powerplay and Black Velvet) and Italy (Metallus).
Italian web rock magazine gave it the highest ranking (9 out of 10!) among new international rock releases on their site!

Ivan Smirnov was featured as a special musical guest at a talk show "That's just my point of view" (TV pilot, Hollywood)

"PRIVET EARTH!" is already up on
and Digstation:
It will soon be up on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody etc...

An acoustic version of "Fairy Tales" was featured in the Lonnie Stevens TV pilot, mystical movie "Great Sex" (2009)
SMIRNOV's video for their first single "A Phuken Angel" was premiered at the "Privet Earth!" CD Release concert-party on September 26th, 2009. An ad about the concert appeared in the calendar of the leading US newspaper "LOS ANGELES TIMES" and its artsy branch "BRANDX" (full page).
• Has just finished recording their American debut album "PRIVET EARTH!" with a Grammy-nominated producer Robb Vallier, who also produced for Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory”, R Kelly, P. McCartney and other top artists.

• Appeared on the cover of The 27th (Golden) An’R Publication Issue (Australian Music Marketing Abroad) and featured as a headliner on the An’R’s Compilation CD. 8 000 copies of the Publication and the CD were distributed to the industry and presented at The POPKOMM 2007 Trade Show in Germany.
Has been performing with my band in various venues in L.A. (Viper Room, The Derby, The GIG, The Joint, Molly Malone’s, The Cat Club etc.) and San Diego (Kashtan)
• Participated in the U.S.A. quarterfinals of the International Emergenza Rock Festival and took part in the National Video Contest “” (in the top 10)

• Have been requested by the listeners to be played live on “Music Highway Radio” airing on over 700 radio stations with a listenership of 126 million, throughout the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.
• As part of producing my EP, worked with Robb Vallier. His credits include Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi, Clapton, Eurhythmics.
• Joined the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) as a Songwriter/Composer/Performer
• On the cover of The Russian National Newspaper

Band Members