Reseda, California, USA

...a whole legend unveils through the tasty rock tales delivered to you in a form of an album. Earthling Rock meets Martian theater!...



SMIRNOV’s story is a story to tell!
“Typical Russian wonder!” That’s what Russian journalists say about Ivan Smirnov and his new project SMIRNOV as a result of an incredible journey from the winters of Russia to the center of L.A. music scene.

Year 2009. SMIRNOV has recently finished recording his American debut album "PRIVET EARTH!" with a Grammy-nominated producer Robb Vallier ( Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory”, P. McCartney, Eurythmics, Whaling souls etc) and has just finished shooting a video for his first single "A Phuken Angel"...

Born in Saint Petersburg and raised in a small city of Vologda a few hundred miles from Moscow, Ivan was heavily influenced by the American/British rock scene and started writing his own material in English at the age of 8. While studying classical piano, Ivan also picked up the guitar and by the age of 19 he had an independent self-produced album under his belt. Going international was always his dream. This dream finally drove him to pursue his career nowhere else, but the entertainment capitol of the world – Los Angeles! His friends thought that this penniless 19 year old student was just joking... But just a few years ago, after twelve thousand miles and obstacles Ivan finally made it to Hollywood!
“The struggle was unbelievable!”, remembers Ivan, “One day I even found myself homeless sitting in front of a McDonalds in Burbank with the only thing I owned – my guitar” But he didn’t give up. His explosive performances, unique vocal style and enormous talent quickly gained this Russian wonder respect among everyone who heard his music. With kick-ass shows at top Hollywood clubs and dedicated fans in different parts of the planet, SMIRNOV is ready for SUCCESS!


"Privet Earth!" receives an unbelievable "5 star" review on Muzik Reviews (USA). Check it out!!!

SMIRNOV was featured along side Kate Nash and Band of Horses on "I Love Locey (Rock'n'roll Call)" program on Studio 805 News (VC Star).

"Privet earth!" has already made some buzz in Europe and was written about in Netherlands (Lords of Metal), England (Powerplay and Black Velvet) and Italy (Metallus).
Italian web rock magazine gave it the highest ranking (9 out of 10!) among new international rock releases on their site!

Ivan Smirnov was featured as a special musical guest at a talk show "That's just my point of view" (TV pilot, Hollywood)

"PRIVET EARTH!" is already up on
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It will soon be up on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody etc...

An acoustic version of "Fairy Tales" was featured in the Lonnie Stevens TV pilot, mystical movie "Great Sex" (2009)
SMIRNOV's video for their first single "A Phuken Angel" was premiered at the "Privet Earth!" CD Release concert-party on September 26th, 2009. An ad about the concert appeared in the calendar of the leading US newspaper "LOS ANGELES TIMES" and its artsy branch "BRANDX" (full page).
• Has just finished recording their American debut album "PRIVET EARTH!" with a Grammy-nominated producer Robb Vallier, who also produced for Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory”, R Kelly, P. McCartney and other top artists.

• Appeared on the cover of The 27th (Golden) An’R Publication Issue (Australian Music Marketing Abroad) and featured as a headliner on the An’R’s Compilation CD. 8 000 copies of the Publication and the CD were distributed to the industry and presented at The POPKOMM 2007 Trade Show in Germany.
Has been performing with my band in various venues in L.A. (Viper Room, The Derby, The GIG, The Joint, Molly Malone’s, The Cat Club etc.) and San Diego (Kashtan)
• Participated in the U.S.A. quarterfinals of the International Emergenza Rock Festival and took part in the National Video Contest “” (in the top 10)

• Have been requested by the listeners to be played live on “Music Highway Radio” airing on over 700 radio stations with a listenership of 126 million, throughout the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.
• As part of producing my EP, worked with Robb Vallier. His credits include Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi, Clapton, Eurhythmics.
• Joined the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) as a Songwriter/Composer/Performer
• On the cover of The Russian National Newspaper


J.L.White (2003)

SMIRNOV EP (2006-2007)

PRIVET EARTH! (2009) - American debut album

Set List

1. A Phuken Angel
2. Take it to Mars
3. The Saddest Boy in the World
4. On & Off
5. Rebelz
6. 12 000 Miles
7. She dreams big
8. The Sunshine never cries
9. Privet Earth
10. Hollywood girl
11. Through the music
12 Le Matin dans Bordeaux
13. The Light
14. Fairy tales
15. Ice Rockestra
16. Forrect Queen