Smithfield Fair

Smithfield Fair

 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Critics hail Smithfield Fair as "a folksy Supertramp" with "a definite Peter Gabriel vibe".


Long heralded as one of the South’s best-kept secrets, the music of Smithfield Fair (originally known as 'Charmer', 1973-89) is known around the world through film and television work, radio and satellite programs, and performances that consistently bring critical raves. Known for their close “blood harmonies” and intriguingly original songs, the three members of Smithfield Fair echo both the ancient traditions of their Scottish heritage, but also their Southern roots. For nearly four decades, Smithfield Fair has continued to pursue its own muse, never settling for trend or momentary popular culture, and has maintained an excellence in performing that has brought them critical praise, awards, and the gift of continued work. To date, the family trio has released over 25 albums on the independent Baton Rouge-based Centaur and Stevenson labels. Smithfield Fair is Jan Smith, Bob Smith & Dudley-Brian


Scotland Owns Me (1995, Stevenson Productions); Scattered Seeds of Scotland (1997, Centaur Records), Highland Call (1998/2002, Centaur Records); Cairdeas/Kinship (2000, Centaur Records); The Winter Kirk (2001, Stevenson Productions), Jacobites By Name (2002, Centaur Records), Burns Night Out (2003, Stevenson Productions), Winds of Time (2004, Stevenson Productions), Swept Away (2005, Stevenson Productions), Walking Through This World (2006, Stevenson Productions), 20420 (2007, Stevenson Productions), Charmer: The Perfect Cafe (2008, Stevenson Productions), The Longing (2009, Stevenson Productions), Scotland Fair Scotland (2010, Stevenson Productions), coming in 2011 - Every New Day (Stevenson Productions).

Set List

Smithfield Fair's repertoire includes a broad range of roots-oriented original songs featuring a a subtle mix of swing, folk, Celtic, blues, gospel and light country - as well as the acoustic pop for which they are so well known. They play with obvious passion, energy retain an intimacy designed to transport listeners out of the every day. Smithfield Fair sounds like no one else and labels their music as "uncommon".