We are a power trio drawing from lifetimes of different musical influence. Essentially we are a band of professional jazz musicians returning to our grunge music ambitions but this time with technical master, and an understanding of improvisation, space, groove and interplay.


Smithiesband is currently a Toronto based power trio led by guitarist Matthew Smithies. The band gathers an assortment of influences. Originally started up as a blues cover band, the band quickly began writing original material comprising of a complex mix of influences from each member.

Matthew, Johnny and Mike draw from influences as diverse as contemporary jazz, 60's psychedelic rock, hip hop and house music, and some popular artists such as U2, John Mayer, Ben Harper and Radiohead.


Debut album is currently in production. To be released early 2010

Set List

We have two sets of original songs, we do sometimes include stontaneos improvisations which can last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. If we play covers, we normally cover repertoire from blues, R&B, funk and jazz fusion genres.