Smiting Shillelagh

Smiting Shillelagh


The #1 Irish Punk band of South Jersey. Oi!


Smiting Shillelagh (shuh-LAY-lee) is the #1 Irish Punk band of South Jersey. A seven piece gathered from the suburbs of Cherry Hill, the boondocks of Hopewell, and the streets of Camden, we have created a sound that shouts defiance. Both the young, the old, and everyone in between can appreciate our music as we mix traditional and new in a combination worthy of a jig and an “Oi!”
We're a new band and are up for hire. You can contact us by email (, messaging our myspace, or by calling one of us.

P.S. If you mess with us, we'll punch yar lights out! If yar cool with us, have a guinness before yar ta be gettin sober!



Set List

Our typical set list:

1. Jebus MacGregor
2. Drunken Sailor
3. One Last Pint
4. Toirneach
5. Defiance
6. Liestra McFearson
7. Oi, Lassie!
8. Rakes of Mallow
9. The Fight'n Irish!
10. Amazing Grace
11. Bringer of Beer
12. Lay Yar Bottle Down
13. The Wearing of the Green

We only have that one set list. It's about 40 minutes long.
We only do covers of traditional Celtic music. Most of our songs though are original.