Tight melodic, heart wrenching guitar grinds with a bone penetrating thump coming from the bass with clear precise rhythm accompanied by a beat that unlocks the spirit from deep inside your soul and causes you to dance, bang your head or at least, tap your feet while you sing along.


When a friend of mine said "Janna, where's all your cool history?" I thought, shit, I can't write anything but sleezy cheap punk lyrics! Awe fawk! When I was 16 I moved out of my parents' home and found myself opening for a well known punk band at The Stoned Toad in downtown Milwaukee on Broadway Ave. in a band called The Hamiltons, featuring Marc Ferch on Bass.

I quit that gig and was asked to work for Voot Warnings, an eccentric, Trashy 70's cover artist who founded Trash Fest. This is when I met Victor DeLorenzo and Brian Ritchie for the first time. My guitarist James (Tess) Tessier was working with Brian at Radio Doctors in Downtown Milwaukee. Tess and I had the pleasure of jamming with Victor and Brian at the very first Trash Fest back in 1980 at Irene K's; A sleezy dive located around 2nd and National Ave.

Kevin Kinny (Drivin' and Cryin')and Tess were in The Prosecutors and they used to drag me along to gigs with them around the mid-west. Kevin moved to Georgia and became well known.

After working with Voot, I was traded for a 6-pack of Old Style Lite to The Dummy Club, a punk-a-billy band who signed with Zensor Records of Berlin, Germany. We wrote/produced the theme song to Johnny Savage and the Case of the Missing Model, a local independent film produced by Peggy Hubert.

It was at this point in my life that I vowed to never get drunk at a gig again when Jello Biafra and his entourage had to drive me home, even though I swore I could make it on my own, my band manager wouldn't hear of it!

Well, anyway, we then cut our first album with Ian Burgess, producer at The Chicago Recording Company. We were then asked to tour America to sell the album. Our tour ended in North Hollywood where we were supposed to open for Da Bodeans, but ended up over staying our welcome at the lovely estate of Sacred Order.

After touring America to promote our first album, Ballad of a Lady Gunslinger, and our thirst for beer, I find my name submitted as a nominee for Female Bassist of the year for the 1983 W.A.M.I. Music Awards. Thanks a lot, Brian! One of our hit songs, The American Way found it's place on a compliation album entitled Badger A-Go-Go. You can purchase the cool blue vinyl or CD at Atomic Records off Locust St. in Milwaukee. Some very cool, very hip local artists are featured on this CD or you can also hear it being played on W.M.S.E. Milwaukee's own Alternative Station 91.7fm.

In 1990 me and a previous member of The Dummy Club formed a Goth-A-Billy band called The Psycho Bunnies who later signed with Nervous Records of Great Britian.
This was the record company that received a demo we recorded in Bill Stace's basement; the birthplace of Walls Have Ears Recording Studio.

We were invited to play the 2nd Annual Rumble which included Punk/Rock/Goth/Death-A-Billy bands from all around the world, including Russia! We won the competition and were given a 3 year recording contract and tour in 1993. I was given a body guard from the record company, very cool!

Well, anyway, I manage a band out of Manitowoc County, WI called Smitten who opened for The Smithereens at Metro Jam '05. That was cool man! Smitten is a cover band (it's what bar-goers around here want to hear).Smitten is a working band. I also play a 3 hour acoustic show at Potbelly's Sandwich Works located in the Bayshore Shopping Village of Glendale, WI every Friday nite from 6 to 9pm.
So visit my bands' site at



Written By: Janna Blackwell-Phelps

I carry a piece of you to remind me
of the love you had for song

Too bad no one understood,
too bad no one ever cared
But I did...

Our lives would've been a better world to live in with you here to sing your songs, your song

Thank you for sharing you with me
The only friend I had was right here with you with me

Too bad no one was there for you
Too bad no one ever cared,
but I did
and what was wrong with your old friends
were you never good enough?

Are they happy now that you're gone!

Shame On You

Written By: Janna Blackwell-Phelps

Can you leave the girl alone
she'd be better on her own than with someone like you
tearing her heart in two

Can you leave the girl alone
do you have to be so cruel
could you stand yourself if you had to live with you

Why do you tear down
everything around you
who you are
who you love and
who belongs to you

What are you trying to be cool
when you treat her like you do
she was your best friend
the only one you'll ever have

Can you leave the girl alone
You keep tearing her heart in two
Shame On You...

And as she's cryin' on the phone
she's home all alone
you keep tearing her down
you're breaking hyer heart in two

Can you leave the grl alone
whe was better on her own
you keep tearing her down and
breaking her heart in two

Shame on you


Currently working on studio recordings.

Set List

punk & alternative; all originals. Smitten caters to a crowd that ranges from ages 11 to 50 plus.