Smokable Politics

Smokable Politics


Smokable Politics captures the body of great Rock N Roll with smoking hot guitars whaling away at solos that will rock you, driven with rhythm guitar, bass and drums filling every song , Only to be fulfilled by sultry and sexy voices who aren't afraid to get down and dirty!


Smokable Politics is founded by Kevin (lead guitarist.) Traveling a long hard road as a truck driver and fate turning his direction towards music, we are privileged to have this truly remarkable man as our lead guitar player. After playing with many different popular bands and close encounters with stardom, he had to start his search over again. Looking close to home and with help from his manager, he got the ball rolling again. Knowing the tough industry that is music business, he led his search by word of mouth, and auditioned different guitar players and bass players. He completed his search for the perfect combination of raw talent and truly enigmatic musicians with the following combination.
Terry on percussion, who began playing at a young age, comes from Dallas Texas. Terry who has also played with a few popular bands brings a smooth original sound to the band. His passion for playing the drums is exquisitely expressed in his unique style. He also brings with him original songs ready for us to rock to!!
Mike jams our rhythm guitar and even takes the lead with just as much force as Kevin, brings years of playing experience, being a DJ, and even adding to our unique blend with back up vocals. Having musical influences such as Yngwie Malmsteen & Randy Rhoades as his driving force, Mike can easily adapt this style to any song to bring out its very best.
Billy takes on the bass. His belief is that playing music enchants and entices listeners to release what is truly within, thus making the connection with fans on more than just a listening level complete, bringing truth to our music.
Autumn has the bands heart with her wickedly rich vocals at the lead. Being the craziest and one previous band she has the continuing drive for people to hear her incredible voice. Her vocals will satisfy the critics and amaze listeners with sultry tones that will definitely arouse wonderment.
Lexi sums up the band with back up vocals. Her talent for getting the best blend of our sound has earned her spot with no previous experience with bands. Although don't let the inexperience fool you. Her voice has been singing beautifully for as long as she has been able to sing.
With this powerful combination of talent, and everyone doing what they love to do, you can expect high quality music giving listeners what they want. Smokable Politics will be rockin their performance throughout the region at places like The Abbey, Cathedral Café, Penny Road, Bookies and many more. With national intentions, they will strive for all that is possible, continually expanding upon what has blended them into the masterpiece they are, bringing great American Rock N Roll to anticipating audiences everywhere.


Unlimited Sky
Smokable Politics
all af these are originals and ready for air play...

Set List

Our Fans are so very important & we try to please!

If you have a suggestion for our future song list please e-mail us.

This list is always changing and growing.......

So keep checking us out to see what we have added.

Please remember the list of songs very depending on the set and time limit we are given.......Thank you

Here's a start....this list is not complete

Crazy Bitch - Buckcherry,
Save me - Shinedown,
Keep away - Godsmack,
Take it off - The Donna's,
I hate myself for loving you - Joan Jett,
Zombie - The Cranberry's,
I love rock and roll - Joan Jett,
Bitch - Meredith Brooks,
My favorite mistake - Sheryl Crow,
The Letter - The Box Tops,
Beds are Burning - Midnight Oil
Born to be wild - The Cult version
And that's just the covers!!

We also have great originals for you to check out!!!