Often described as the Modern Day Beauty & Beast! Fierce yet melodic! Raging hooks, phenomenal musicianship. Dual fronted by Gonzo & The Metal Nurse.


Hailing from Stamford, Connecticut, as metal bands go "Smoke" isn't a household name, at least not yet. Living near a metropolis like New York City, awash with thousands of talented bands jockeying for an audience, it's often difficult to stand out. Smoke, however does exactly that; they have managed to separate themselves from the pack with three rarely found rock 'n' roll attributes.

Smoke isn't some cookie-cutter, corporate sounding, slacker-laden modern metal act, they are reminiscent of true classic metal complete with heavy riffs, understandable vocals and a show that makes its audience feel they are at an event rather than simply a concert.

First and foremost the band is composed of musicians, real musicians who have a passion for what they do. Guitarist Craig "C-EZ" Sasson provides the gut crutching riffs in a style that Dimebag Darrell Abbott would be proud of. C-EZ is cool, aloof and prowls the stage focusing on captivating the audience with his aggressive, hook-laden riffs. The guy can really play the guitar. He trades licks with rhythm guitarist, Angel, known as "The Metal
Nurse." A solid player who's blessed with exceptional timing, Angel not only can keep up with the boys but captivates the audience with her demented nurse look, vocals and her performance. This woman is talented beyond her years as she croons to the crowd and plays her theatrical role with a conviction rarely seen since the hey-day of Alice Cooper.

Keeping the bottom end and the bands groove on track are drummer John Fowler and bassist, Jimmy P. These guys are talented players whose synergy, skill and perhaps extra-sensory perception give C-EZ the freedom to cut loose and let it rip with no fear of a loss of musical continuity.

Behind the mic roars the persona of "Gonzo" who's gritty, yet clear vocals are a perfect match for his psychotic appearance. A madman of a singer, his charisma, style and passion for his role in the band sets him apart from most of his peers. Gonzo puts life into songs like "Hate Me" and "The Pit."

Speaking of the music, the second element that makes Smoke so special are the songs these musician's create. While many metal bands try to be the loudest, the most outrageous or menacing, often the music takes a back seat to image. Not Smoke, this band understands that the music is what it's really all about.

Currently the band has a self-produced four-song EP called "Smoke" which features the cuts "Hate Me," "The Pit," "Time" and "Standing Still." The qualities of the tunes on the CD are just the tip of the iceberg of Smoke's live repertoire. Powerful, simple, compelling riffs, sprinkled with enough darkness and gloom to thrill any metal head. The arrangements of the songs are great and the sound and quality stellar.

Finally, our third attribute, the show, no make that "the event." When the lights fire up and the C-EZ strikes that first powerful chord, no one in the audience is looking anywhere but the stage. From that moment on concert goers are captivated by the spectacle and vaudevillian flair of Gonzo and the Metal Nurse. The show has it all, great music, powerful visuals and the sexual chemistry is absolutely electric. It's one of those concerts where it seems like it's over far too quickly. It's hard to soak in all of the sensory effects that Smoke has on its audience. Experience it and it you'll realize the band is special and very real. Some record executive is going to be extremely popular when someone takes notice of this currently unsigned band. Smoke is the real deal, fire em up! You won't be disappointed.


SMOKE E.P 2006 Release

Hate Me - 1st Single

Set List

Changes Every Show!!!
But always includes fan favorites such as:
Hate Me
The Pit

And usually a few surprises!