Rae Riot and the Smoke Animals

Rae Riot and the Smoke Animals


Our genre is progressive punk. High energy, catchy, riff and vocally driven songs. We are tight, young, marketable, and our songs are radio friendly. Three punk rock girls from the city and one dude, we are ready to play wherever and whenever. We live for rock and roll and we deliver.


Formed at Berklee College of Music in February 2007, Rae Riot and the Smoke Animals is putting a fresh new spin on rock in New England. We are different from other bands in that we are not 100% punk, not 100% alternative. We capture the term progressive punk. This allows us to appeal to a very wide audience. People of all kinds of musical tastes can enjoy us. We are fun live, and fun to listen to. our influences include Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt, Pat Benetar, Patti Smith, Le Tigre, Pearl Jam, and Tom Petty just to name a few. We are touring the east coast in January. Our songs are totally summer feel good hits, with some edgier rock thrown in. Another signifigant feature is our smoking hot lead singer Rae Riot and her titties. Everyone in our band has a unique personality we bring to the table. Rae Riot is the hot "it" girl, Jen is the silly outgoing one, Gambit is the poetic introspective one, and Brian brings the testosterone. If you are looking for a band to come make people jump, we're your band. Smoke Animals, baby.


Vigor Up- 2007
Serendipity- Featured in a Boston Independant Film Festival.

Set List

Serendipity - 3 minutes
Blame Me - 4 minutes
Tonight- 5 mintues
Honey Mustard - 3 minutes
Third Place Lover - 4 mintues
Black Tongue
Skanky Jellies
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Because The Night
When I Come Around
many more....