Smoke Letting

Smoke Letting

 Franklin, Wisconsin, USA

This band is made of 3 young musicians with a long road ahead of them. The more they play, the better they get both as individual musicians and as a band. Over the next few years this band in gonna go places and who knows where they could find themselves.
They'll make a lot of noise for a 3 piece.


Smoke Letting was started many years ago as a last second ditch effort to make a high school talent show. That of course was over 3 years ago. Since then the band has changed in many ways. The current configuration of the band has been set in stone for the last year. Alex Bennett (Guitar/Vocals) and Marshall Holm (Bass Guitar) are both original members from when the band first began. Blake Marrari (Drums) entered the scene in early January of 2010. Between all of their influences combined they have come to produce a well thought out and detailed sound that truly depicts the sound and voice they love. Whether its the melodies and combination of sound and rhythm, or the the inspired lyrics of stories they wish to tell, Smoke Letting wants to play the music that rocks your world and moves your soul. In the last 5 months Smoke Letting has self recorded and produced 1 album, and has a second album that is due early to mid February. In fact, because the band has felt like it has learned so much in the last year they have decided to re-record the entire first album which will be due late May to early June. All of the band members are 18 and 19 years old. With lots of time to make their sound and the way Smoke Letting has progressed so fast, this band just might be on to something sooner than you think.

Band Influences include but not limited to:

Led Zeppelin
Iron Maiden
Dream Theater
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Jeff Beck
Black Sabbath
Ozzy Osbourne
Pink Floyd
Foo Fighters
Van Halen


The Minotaur

Written By: Alex Bennett

My Head of a bull and my body of a man, the strength of which no one can stand
The glare in my eye for which no one knows, except that my rage overcomes all my foes
I stare and do battle with all those who fight, ripping and tearing at all in my sight
Though my hair may be fair and my breath may be foul, I destroy all my enemies with one simple snarl

Chorus: For I am the Minotaur and don't you forget, this labyrinths my home and you're caught in my net
I stand eight feet tall with my horns and my mane, when I'm through with you you just wont look the same
For when I roam these walls you will soon understand, how I have you in the palm of my hand
For I am the minotaur there's no turning back, here I charge now get ready attack!

Verse 2: My master he calls and I do what he say, I know not what you've done but now you must pay
You should've left this island and you should've left it well, cause soon you'll be dead or worse be in hell
My rage that I show has no plot and no course, I'm strong like a bull and I'm hung like a horse
For now I've become angry and I'm angry with you too, I'll show how you'll run just like everyone soon




Verse 3: A man comes to my island looking strong and so fair, but no different than no other so what should I care
He says I am Theseus from far away lands, tells me I have too much blood on my hands
I laugh and I snicker and I snort and I roar, You think I'm so easy I'm no hunted boar
For now I've become angry and I'm angry with you too, I'll show how you'll run just like everyone soon



Double D-Struction (First Album)
What We Held Dear (2nd/ due early-mid February)
The Minotaur (EP/ re-release from first album)

Streaming on our website:
The Minotaur (NEW!)
Midday Mayhem
The Last Resistance
Words not Spoken
The Epica (NEW!)
Falling Endlessly (NEW!)

Set List

Skys the Limit
The Last Resistance
Rhythm X
Words not Spoken
Midday Mayhem
Revenge is Cold
Cheers to you
Falling Endlessly
Untold Stories
The Epica
Falls Like Rain
If Strings Could Cry
Systems Down
Dingo's Dangle
The Minotaur