Smoke 'n' Mirrors

Smoke 'n' Mirrors


Smoke 'n' Mirrors is a polished, professional cover band that performs popular rock music from the 60's to the present, as well as strong original compositions.


Formed in January of 2003 in Pinedale Wyoming, Smoke ‘n’ Mirrors began as a duo featuring Tom Payne on guitar/vocals and Barry Schwartz on drums. Additional accompaniment (bass guitar, keyboards, etc.) was provided by sequenced arrangements from Tom’s laptop. The sound was truly unique for a duo because of Barry’s ability to play along with the sequenced accompaniment without a click track. If you closed your eyes while listening, you would think it was a live five or six piece band performing instead of just two. When Tom’s brother’s girlfriend suggested the name Smoke ‘n’ Mirrors it was a perfect fit.

Tom and Barry toured Wyoming and Idaho venues before setting up permanently as house band at The Cowboy Bar in Pinedale. During this time the band added a lead guitarist to the mix with various players from the Pinedale area. They held court at The Cowboy for almost a year before moving the band to east Tennessee where they remain today.

Upon arrival in east Tennessee in 2004 Tom and Barry hooked up with guitarist Jeff Frazier and were an immediate sensation performing a blend of popular classic rock covers at venues in the Knoxville metro area. However, it was Ronnie Kincaid, owner of the Waterfront Bar & Grill that gave the band its permanent footing in the Maryville area. Smoke ‘n’ Mirrors have performed regularly there for four years now.

As a trio, Smoke ‘n’ Mirrors continued to use sequenced tracks for the next two years with great success. However the final piece to the Smoke ‘n’ Mirrors puzzle fell into place when Jeff’s best friend and previous band-mate Dave Yocom joined the band playing bass in 2006. Tom then swapped his guitar for keyboard duties and this new lineup performs almost entirely live except for a few sequenced tracks that were kept because they worked so well.

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Shadow of the Man

Written By: Thomas Payne

When you look my way
The only sight you'll see
Is the shadow of the man I used to be
Does she think of me once in a while?
Or has she forgotten about me?

Beholden to my heart
So badly broken
Still painful to the touch, so sad to see
Does she ever wonder if I’m all right?
I wish it didn’t matter to me

But I keep holding on and hoping
That someday she'll come back to me
And when you look my way
The only sight you’ll see
Is the shadow of the man I used to be

Well I just keep telling myself
It’s time to let her go
And bury all the pain that I feel
But I can’t escape the hurting inside

I’ve begged her down on bended knee
When will these wounds ever heal?
My heart’s been broken but never like this before
I just can’t take any more

Weary in my world
Clinging to the rail
Still holding onto hope that she'll call
Does she ever wonder if I’m at home?
Or remember my number at all?

Still I keep holding on
Always hoping
That someday she’ll come back to me
And when you look my way
The only sight you’ll see
Is the shadow of the man I used to be


Smoke 'n' Mirrors - Self Titled, released September 2005.

Set List

Although we don't perform every song here at every show, it is a list of what we have in our repertoire.

Addicted to Love
I’m All Right
Always On My Mind
Ain’t That a Shame?
I Shot the Sheriff
Bennie & the Jets
Breakdown '
All Right Now
Keep Your Hands To Yourself
Can’t You See?
All You Ever Do
Knock On Wood
Come Together
Comfortably Numb
Angel of Mercy
Let's Dance
Do it Again
Are You Ready?
Miss You
End Of The Innocence
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Money for Nothing
Green Lights
Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Have a Cigar
Dock Of The Bay
Bang a Gong
Mustang Sally
Heartbreak Hotel
Don't let the Sun go down on me
Before you hit the Ground
On Broadway
Heavy Cloud
Goin’ Around in Circles
Blues is my Business
Hit the Road Jack
Boom Boom (out go the...)
Ring of Fire
How You Remind Me
Groovy Kind Of Love
Rockin Pneumonia
I Want to Stay